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Ready to Fix Your Amazon Affiliate Links Automatically?

Powerful Linkmoney Features

Linkmoney App is a powerful link fixer that can find and fix broken Amazon affiliate links in a matter of seconds. With Linkmoney App, you no longer have to spend hours scouring through your website and manually fixing broken links. Instead, you can let Linkmoney App do the work for you.

Diagram showing how Linkmoney works
Diagram showing how Linkmoney works

Linkmoney Automatically Checks Your Affiliate Links

We have all seen third-party services that list a few problems with your Amazon Affiliate links, and sends you a downloadable spreadsheet so you can do all the work.

Plus you have to tell them what you want to search for. Linkmoney A.I. Automatically Checks All Your Affiliate links for every known error type

The average Amazon Affiliate website has over 10,000 affiliate links!

Linkmoney App checks every single Amazon Affiliate link on your website, finds all the errors, even the ones you never knew you had, then automatically fixes them for you.

Linkmoney Checks (and automatically fixes) your Amazon Affiliate links for:

Linkmoney App Dashboard
Linkmoney Dashboard

Ever wish you could push a button and all your problems go away?

Linkmoney App Dashboard Clean
Linkmoney Dashbaord After Fix Scan

Linkmoney Automatically Fixes Your Affiliate Links

It’s one thing to know that you have Amazon Link errors, the other is how are you going to fix them all?

Linkmoney does all the work for you by automatically fixing your affiliate links

The Linkmoney Fix Scan works fast. A 1,000 post site takes about 7 minutes to check and fix all links. 

Link errors on Amazon Affiliate sites could total in many thousands of errors. 

Linkmoney A.I. is better than humans. It doesn’t make mistakes.  A.I. knows the different between the letter “O” and the number zero “0” as an example. 

Often times when people try and fix thousands of like errors, they introduce new link errors and never know. 

Linkmoney can automatically check and fix your Amazon Affiliate link issues in the time it takes to read this page. 

Want Linkmoney A.I. to Check and Fix your Amazon Affiliate link problems?

Linkmoney Reports Everything

We believe that helping you to understand what the issues on your Amazon Affiliate site are, will help you and your team in the future. 

Is there a plugin that has malformed a bunch of Amazon Affiliate links? 

Is one of your contractors creating links incorrectly?sing your correct Amazon Store Tag on every Amazon affiliate link ?

What exactly did Linkmoney App fix?

Each time Linkmoney runs, it creates a full link audit for your site:

Dashboard Report (Full link audit and metrics)

Warning Report (Unsecure links like those that go to your WordPress admin login and completely malformed links)

Non-Product Report (Links that do not go directly to an Amazon product, like Amazon product searches)

Product Report (All links that do directly to an Amazon Product)

Detailed Fix Report (Everything Linkmoney Fixed)  

Are ALL your Amazon Affiliate links making you money from your traffic?

Action per articleTime per task
Look at the article to find links.1-3 minutea
Examine and click each link to see where it goes (10 links).4 minutes per article
Document which links have issues (average 3 issues per article).3 minutes (if you are fast)
Time it takes to examine and document Amazon Affiliate links for a Single article.7 minutes

Linkmoney Saves You Time

The time it would take to check and fix all the Amazon affiliate links on an affiliate site makes doing that nearly impossible to manually attempt. 

Many site owners have more than one Amazon Affiliate site too. 

To start a project to check each affiliate link, one by one is an enormous task. Then fixing any bad affiliate links takes a lot of time and thought. 

If you have a team, the QA to see if the work was done, would take a second team checking every single link. 

Often times, fixing links manually leads to more errors. We are human after all. 

Linkmoney A.I. doesn’t make mistakes. It knows what the perfect clean Amazon Affiliate link should be and can check and fix your links at the speed of a machine.  

Linkmoney is the Amazon Affiliate website Buyer and Seller's companion

An Amazon Affiliate website that has all their Amazon affiliate links working, not broken, and has the correct Amazon tracking ID is worth more money to those who buy or sell Amazon affiliate websites.

This is because buyers know the website is already set up correctly and will generate revenue from day one. 

Sellers also benefit from having an Amazon Affiliate website that is already optimized and set up correctly, as they will not have to worry about fixing any broken links or updating the tracking ID.

This saves both buyers and sellers time and hassle, and thus makes the website more valuable.

Linkmoney is perfect for Amazon Website Buyers and Sellers. 

Are ALL the Amazon Store Tracking Codes on your site yours?

Linkmoney Makes You Money

Make more Amazon Affiliate Revenue With Linkmoney

Linkmoney App makes you more revenue instantly.

If all of your Amazon Affiliate links are healthy, are working as expected, have no errors, and have the correct Amazon Associates Tracking ID, you make more Amazon Commissions from your existing traffic after Linkmoney.  

The average revenue increase after running Linkmoney is around 15% monthly. Depending on the size and traffic of your Amazon affiliate site, it could be much more. 

The average Amazon affiliate site has around 10,000 affiliate links. Many sites have more. 

The largest site ran by Linkmoney to date, had over 2.4 million links! 

Find out how many affiliate links you have, check them, then fix all of them to earn more referral commissions today.  

How many broken Amazon Affiliate links will Linkmoney fix for you today?

Run Linkmoney Any Time and Often

With Linkmoney App you can check and monitor all the Amazon Affiliate links on your site as often as you like.

It is good to run a Linkmoney Fix Scan at least once a month. 

One single broken link, or a link that does not have your Amazon Store ID could cost you big revenue. 

Plus, bad Amazon links can give your customers a bad experience and cause mistrust. 

Run Linkmoney as often as you like to make sure all of your Amazon Affiliate likes are working as expected. 

Amazon clicks and earnings chart

Ever wish you could push a button and all your problems go away?

Check and monitor your Amazon Affiliate links

Monitoring your affiliate links has never been easier.

With a simple click, your entire affiliate site’s affiliate link URL’s, including all of your Amazon Short Codes ( links) are checked and audited.

Each time Linkmoney runs a Fix Scan, a complete audit and set of reports are created for all of your affiliate links on your website.

Linkmoney is the only Amazon Affiliate Link Checker and Fixer on the market.

Run Linkmoney App 24 hours a day and make sure every single Amazon Affiliate Link on your site is earning you Amazon Commissions. 

Typical Site Fix With Affilaite Link Errors Found

Linkmoney App Dashbaord

Red means Linkoney App found and fixed Amazon Affiliate links that had missing Store IDs or were broken altogether

Yellow shows Linkmoney App found and fixed Amazon Affiliate links with Out Of Country codes

White shows Linkmoney app found and fixed Amazon Store ID's that were not the main Amazon Associates Store ID

Typical Automatc Link Fix After Linkmoney App

All Amazon Affiliate Links are now fix across your website. You are now making more revenue from your traffic. 

Linkmoney App Dashboard Great Scan

Green shows how many of your Amazon Affiliate links that have your main Amazon Associates ID. This is optimal for earning the highest Amazon Referral Commissions from your traffic

#1 Affiliate Link Checker

This is a large screenshot of the Linkmoney App Product Link Report

Linkmoney App is unsurpassed in checking all of your Amazon Affiliate links. 

Unless you are an Amazon Affiliate link expert, there is no way to know that your affiliate links are working and not broken. Unless you check. 

An Amazon Affiliate link can look fine and even click to Amazon and still be broken!

#1 Affiliate Link Fixer

Linkmoney App will fix your Amazon Affiliate Links Automatically

Linkmoney App AUTOMATICALLY fixes your affiliate links for you. 

No more long hours trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix your Amazon Affiliate links. 

Say goodbye to the huge costs of contractors endlessly trying to fix all your affiliate links.  

Is Every Amazon Affiliate Code On Your Site Yours?

Are All Of Your Amazon Affiliate Links Making You Money?

Do All Your Amazon Affiliate Links- Go To Amazon?

Do You Know Which Amazon Affilate Links Are Broken?

Make More Revenue From Your Existing Traffic

Fixing ALL of Your Amazon Affiliate links just got a whole lot easier

Dashboard no Amazon Store tag found on affiliate links

Automatically Fix Your Amazon Affiliate Codes

Linkmoney App is artificial intelligence. It’s not a person, it doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t make mistakes, and when it is done, it’s not a maybe it fixed them all.

Say goodbye to missing, old or someone else’s store codes on your site. 

Just tell it what store code you want on all your Amazon Affiliate links and click. 

Afterwards, Linkmoney App will produce a report that shows you whate store codes if fixed, inserted and replaced with your desired code.

Linkmoney App creates a workable online report of every Amazon Affilaite link on your website

Want to know the health of every single Amazon Affiliate link on your website?

Forget wandering if everything is OK, with Linkmoney App those days are over. 

How many times have you thought “If all my affiliate links went to where they were supposed to go and worked correctly, I would make more money”?

We all know with thousands of affiliate links on our sites, there are most likely issues everywhere. 

The cost and complexity of manually looking for errors are enormous and pretty much impossible. 

Linkmoney App will look at your entire site, gather all your Amazon affiliate links, and put them in a nice workable report for you or your team to go through. 

Amazon Affiliate Code Issues
Wrong, not yours, or missing store codes
Malformed Or Unrecognizable Links
Completely broken affiliate links
Misdirected Affiliate Links
Amazon Affiliate links not going to Amazon


Sign up and find out if your Amazon Affiliate site is losing money. It only takes a few clicks. 

Charles Joyner creator of LinkMoney

Why did I create Linkmoney App?

Hello, my name is Charles Joyner.

I own and operate multiple WordPress Affiliate websites and have a lengthy background in software. 

A single website could have well over 100,000 links. I realized even a team could not track down all the issues from my affiliate links. 

Linkmoney App was first created so I could fix my problems. 

It worked so well, now I would like to share it with you. 

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