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Linkmoney App automatically fixes your affiliate links, so you don't have to.

#1 Affiliate Link Checker

This is a large screenshot of the Linkmoney App Product Link Report

Linkmoney App is unsurpassed in checking all of your Amazon Affiliate links. 

Unless you are an Amazon Affiliate link expert, there is no way to know that your affiliate links are working and not broken. Unless you check. 

An Amazon Affiliate link can look fine and even click to Amazon and still be broken!

#1 Affiliate Link Fixer

Linkmoney App will fix your Amazon Affiliate Links Automatically

Linkmoney App AUTOMATICALLY fixes your affiliate links for you. 

No more long hours trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix your Amazon Affiliate links. 

Say goodbye to the huge costs of contractors endlessly trying to fix all your affiliate links.  

Linkmoney App is the #1 WordPress Amazon Affiliate Link Fixer and the only one that will do it for you. 

Earn more Amazon Commissions from your Amazon Affiliate site today!

Are ALL your Amazon Affiliate links
making you money?

If your Amazon Affiliate Link is broken, you will not get your Amazon referral Commission

Be SURE they are.

Linkmoney App Amazon Affiliate Link Fixer and Checker automatically fixes your affiliate links

Why should I fix my Amazon Affiliate links?

Not fixing your Amazon Affiliate links could be costing you a lot of Amazon revenue.

Is Every Amazon Affiliate Code On Your Site Yours?

Affiliate sites can have many thousands of product links, are you sure they all have YOUR Amazon Associates Tag?

Are All Of Your Amazon Affiliate Links Making You Money?

The only way to make the most Amazon commissions from your affiliate site, is for all of your links to be healthy.

Do All Your Amazon Affiliate Links- Go To Amazon?

Are you sure that every Amazon affiliate link on your site, actually goes to Amazon? If not your are loosing revenue.

Do You Know Which Amazon Affilate Links Are Broken?

Amazon affiliate sites can have thousands of Amazon links. How many of your affiliate links have errors that cause you to not earn your Amazon Commissions?

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Make More Revenue From Your Existing Traffic

If all of your Amazon Affilaite Links have no errors, you make more revenue right after Linkmoney App finishes from your existing traffic.

Fixing ALL of Your Amazon Affiliate links just got a whole lot easier

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard

Automatically Fix Your Amazon Affiliate Codes

LinkMoney App is artificial intelligence. It’s not a person, it doesn’t get tired, it doesn’t make mistakes, and when it is done, it’s not a maybe it fixed them all.

Say goodbye to missing, old or someone else’s store codes on your site. 

Just tell it what store code you want on all your Amazon Affiliate links and click. 

Afterwards, Linkmoney App will produce a report that shows you whate store codes if fixed, inserted and replaced with your desired code.

Quickly find and fix affiliate links with errors

Have you ever found an Amazon Affiliate link with errors? Chances are you have them all over your affiliate website. 

The only way to know for sure is to look at every single link. Before Linkmoney App, that was nearly impossible.

Linkmoney App will report every broken or malformed affiliate link and its location.

Say goodbye to losing Amazon revenue and hello to your bank account. 


LinkMoney dashboard showing Unrecognized affiliate links
Linkmoney All links dashboard

Linkmoney App creates a workable online report of every Amazon Affilaite link on your website

Want to know the health of every single Amazon Affiliate link on your website?

Forget wandering if everything is OK, with Linkmoney App those days are over. 

How many times have you thought “If all my affiliate links went to where they were supposed to go and worked correctly, I would make more money”?

We all know with thousands of affiliate links on our sites, there are most likely issues everywhere. 

The cost and complexity of manually looking for errors are enormous and pretty much impossible. 

Linkmoney App will look at your entire site, gather all your Amazon affiliate links, and put them in a nice workable report for you or your team to go through. 

LinkMoney app security check

Linkmoney App runs a security check that looks for anomalies on every link on your entire site.

We report what we find. Almost every affiliate site has these issues, and the site owner never knows. 

The security check looks for links that go places they should never go like, wp-admin logins. lost password, and author to name a few.

We added this in because we see it all the time. We are not always sure how these strange links get into our links, but maybe you are like me and have had many different content writers over the years.

We provide this in a workable online report so they are easy to find and fix- and you know you are safer. 

LinkMoney link warning dashboard
Amazon Affiliate Code Issues
Wrong, not yours, or missing store codes
Malformed Or Unrecognizable Links
Completely broken affiliate links
Misdirected Affiliate Links
Amazon Affiliate links not going to Amazon


Sign up and find out if your Amazon Affiliate site is losing money. It only takes a few clicks. 

Charles Joyner creator of LinkMoney

Why did I create Linkmoney App?

Hello, my name is Charles Joyner.

I own and operate multiple WordPress Affiliate websites and have a lengthy background in software. 

A single website could have well over 100,000 links. I realized even a team could not track down all the issues from my affiliate links. 

Linkmoney App was first created so I could fix my problems. 

It worked so well, now I would like to share it with you. 

Why Niche Amazon Affiliate Website Publishers Need Linkmoney App

Amazon Affiliate Publishers have 100’s, even 100,000 plus affiliate links on their websites. Many have multiple websites. If those affiliate links are not working, and all we know there are many that are broken, malformed, or have the wrong or old Amazon Affiliate code, they are losing easy money.

Malformed and Unrecognizable Links are links (URL’s) that contain errors that make the link unusable and unprofitable. These link errors are a huge problem for Amazon Affiliate sites and are almost impossible to find. Linkmoney App solves this problem.

Not having the correct Amazon Associate’s store code on all your Amazon Affiliate links means your are missing important revenue. You could have several incorrect Amazon stores codes on your site, never know it, and be losing important commissions every day.

Linkmoney App found active Amazon store codes on my sites that did not even belong to me! 

Linkmoney App automatically fixes all of your affiliate links with your correct store code. 

Missing store codes, prior to Linkmoney App, was a problem we kept seeing this problem and it was almost impossible to find. Writers who created content would find Amazon products for their articles and forget to put in our Amazon Associate store code. Linkmoney App fixes this automatically so you can have peace of mind and make all your commissions. 

We found that there were many Amazon Affiliate links on our sites that had the wrong country codes. This could happen for any number of reasons. One reason we found was we have writers from different countries and every so often, they would look for products in a non-US Amazon store and that country’s code would get used in the affiliate link- which means you do not get your commission. Linkmoney App detects and fixes these automatically.

Linkmoney App will not only fix problems and errors our your affiliate site, it will also create a report for your site.

This online report will contain all the errors, issues and problems for your Amazon Affiliate links. This includes what Linkmoney App fixed automatically and what you can choose to fix.

Then, once you fix all the issues, Linkmoney App creates another report to let you know what was fixed for your records. Knowing what was wrong can help you in the future. You can run Linkmoney App regularly to make sure all your Amazon Affiliate links are healthy so you get your Amazon commissions.  

LinkMoney Basic Single Site License

$ 48
  • Single Site One Time License
  • Download CSV With All found Affiliate Link Issues
  • Fix Affiliate Link Issues It Yourself
  • Access To Your LinkMoney Dashboard

LinkMoney Pro Single Site License

Starting at $100
  • All A.I. Features for 1 Site
  • A.I. Will Fix Most Affiliate Link Issues Automatically
  • Up to 100 Pages $100
  • 101-200 Pages $200
  • 201-300 Pages $300
  • 301-400 Pages $400
  • 500+ Pages $500
  • Save 100's Of Hours Or More Fixing Affiliate Link Issues With Linkmoney App A.I.
  • Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Revenue Right Now
  • Access To Your LinkMoney Dashboard
  • Online Workable Reports Of Every Affiliate Link And Known Issues On Your Site
  • Download CSV With All found Affiliate Link Issues
  • LinkMoney Plugin
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How will Linkmoney App make you money in 1 day?

Linkmoney App automatically finds, fixes, and reports your WordPress Amazon Associate related link problems. 

When an affiliate site adds new content, it takes several weeks before Google indexes the content. 

But when fixing Amazon Affiliate links on live pages that already have traffic to them, then the revenue is instant. 

Out of hundreds of sites tested, it seems it is safe to say, every WordPress Amazon Affiliate site has affiliate links issues.  

LinkMoney finds, fixes and reports affiliate link problems so you can stop worrying about it. 

Knowing your affiliate link issues just got a whole lot easier- so did fixing them.

Make more Amazon Affiliate Money With Linkmoney

Using Linkmoney App will make your WordPress Niche site more profitable, automatically.

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