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How Do I Fix My Amazon Affiliate Links? (the best way)

Learn about how to fix your Amazon Affiliate Links to make the most Amazon Commission Revenue from your existing Amazon Affiliate Website traffic.

Fix my affiliate links

This article describes how to fix your affiliate links. If you are thinking over time you have lost affiliate revenue, you are not alone. As an affiliate Niche website publisher, I too at one point realized that my Amazon Clicks (the clicks from my website to had decreased from week to week,

This is a graph of a website that has lost Amazon Affiliate clicks over time
My website had lost over 800 weekly clicks over a 3 week period.


What are common problems with Amazon Affiliate Links?

  1. The Amazon Affiliate link is missing the Query String
  2. Incorrect Amazon Store Code
  3. Missing Amazon Store Codes
  4. Incorrect regions

Amazon Affiliate links can have errors that prevent you from earning your Amazon Commission. There can be many errors in an affiliate link. Here are the errors Linkmoney App checks for in this article called “Linkmoney App Reports Link Errors“.

1. The Amazon Affiliate Link is missing the Query String

One of the most popular affiliate link errors we find is the link is missing the query string. If your Amazon Affiliate link is missing the query string, or the link is not coded correctly, then Amazon will not recognize you as the one who gets the Amazon Commission.

Here is a tool on a site called that can check your Amazon Associates query string called “URL Parser”. To check your query string, copy one of your Amazon Affiliate links and paste it into the “Enter the URL” field and click the button called “Parse URL”.

The website DECODEURL has a link parser that can show link errors.

The URL parser will decode your affiliate link and look something like this. Here are two examples, one that is missing the query string and one that has the query string.

Example 1, URL is missing the Amazon Associates query string

This is an Amazon Affiliate link with a missing query string.

Example 2, URL has the Amazon Associates query string

This is an Amazon Affiliate link with a query string.

How do I fix the missing query string from my Amazon Affiliate Link?

If you ran the DECODEURL Link Parser and found that your link is missing the query string, you will need to delete the old affiliate link and replace it with a healthy link that has your query string.

Keep in mind, that links can be deceiving. In the example below, the link can seem to have the query string looking at it. An Amazon Affiliate link with a missing query will even click to Amazon, but you will not get credit for it.

Example of an Amazon Affiliate link with a broken search query, but still clicks to Amazon and looks OK.

Example of an Amazon Affiliate link that is missing the correct query string.
This broken Amazon Affiliate link has the Amazon Store code highlighted and seems to be a good link.

The same Amazon Affiliate link from above was tested in the Amazon Link Checker and “Failed”

Amazon Link checker showing a failes Amazon Affiliate link
The Amazon Affiliate links gave a “fail” notice when tested

Again, the same Amazon Affiliate link tested in the link parser shows a missing query string

Amazon Affiliate showing the missing query string.

As you can imagine, you will need to be able to identify this error with a tool because the link seems to be fine, and clicks to Amazon with no errors. This is nearly impossible to do by hand.

Many Amazon Affiliate sites have thousands of Amazon Affiliate links. Finding and fixing your Amazon Affiliate link missing query strings one link at a time would take FOREVER.

This is why we recommend Linkmoney App because we find all these query errors and fix them automatically for you. 

2. Incorrect Amazon Store codes in your Affiliate links

This is another huge problem Linkmoney App finds and solves.

We find that almost every Amazon Affiliate site we tested has more than one Amazon Affiliate Store Code. This could be on purpose, like if you like to use Amazon sub-store- codes for tracking products.

In most cases, Amazon Affiliate publishers have Amazon Store Codes that are not theirs or old archived store codes that are no longer in use. The wrong store code on any of your affiliate links will prevent you from earning your Amazon Commission.

Linkmoney App will find all of the Amazon Store Codes on your affiliate site and replace all of your affiliate links with the correct store code.

Example Linkmoney App finding store codes on an Amazon Affiliate site

Some Amazon Affiliate sites have more than one Amazon Store code
Incorrect Amazon Affiliate Store codes will prevent you from earning your Amazon Commission

How do I fix the incorrect Amazon Store codes?

The first thing you will need to do is find out what store codes are on your site. There are two ways to find out:

  1. Linkmoney App does this. If you do have incorrect store codes, which most affiliate sites do, you just need to tell Linkmoney App what your Amazon Store code is, and it will find, fix, and replace all of your Amazon Affiliate links with the correct one automatically.
  2. The manual way- Look at all of your links one by one and check for the right store code. Amazon Affiliate sites can have thousands of affiliate links. So if you are going to do this by hand, you will need to plan this out accordingly. I personally think this is nearly impossible.

Also, you need to know for sure that all the Amazon Store codes on your Amazon Affiliate site are not only yours but not someone else’s. Because if you do have someone else store codes on your affiliate site, they will be getting the commission, not you.

Linkmoney App, finds, fixes, and replaces incorrect Amazon Affiliate Store codes with the correct store code automatically.

3. Missing Amazon Store Codes

It is not uncommon for an Amazon Affiliate link to not have an Amazon Store Code at all. This can happen by just forgetting to add one in when writing your content.

In the example above of a site’s Amazon Store code audit, “Example Linkmoney App finding store codes on an Amazon Affiliate site”, you can see one line that says “no tag used 38 times”.

This happens a lot. Most of the time is is just an error of the content producer forgetting to add the store code into the affiliate link.

Linkmoney App will find, fix, and replace all of your Amazon Affiliate links with missing store tags with the correct Amazon Store tag you choose. 

4. Affiliate links with the incorrect region

This is another popular Amazon Affiliate link problem. Often times as publishers we contract content producers to write content for our affiliate sites. These content producres can be located all over the world.

In order to receive your Amazon Commission, you will need to have and qualify for an Amazon Associates account for each country you want to market your affiliate content.

Most of the time in the US, Amazon Affiliate Publishers just want to market to the United States.

A common error is for the content producer to add in a local Amazon region into their store codes. When this happens, you will not earn your Amazon Commissions.

How do I fix an Amazon Affiliate link with the wrong region?

The first thing you will need to do is find any affiliate links on your site with the incorrect region. When you locate an affiliate link with the incorrect region, find the product on the US Amazon store and replace the out-of-country affiliate link with the correct in the US Amazon product links.

Without Linkmoney App, this is incredibly difficult to do. As mentioned early in this article, checking for any link errors one link at a time is nearly impossible. The time involved for just a few links would be a negative net profit.

This is an example of an Amazon affiliate link from the Amazon Store in teh United Kingdom
Amazon Affilaite links that have a region you are not qualified for will result if you losing your Amazon Commission

How do I fix my affiliate links?

The first step is to know for sure what is wrong with your Amazon Affiliate links. Linkmoney App will do this with ease and give you a complete audit of all of your affiliate links on your website. Then, Linkmoney App will fix them for you.

Step 1 Identify the problems with your affiliate links

The first thing you need to do to fix your affiliate links is to find and identify the different types of problems and errors with your Amazon Affiliate links.

In order to fix your Amazon Affiliate links, you will need to identify the problems with the links.

Are there WordPress plugins that can fix my affiliate links?

There are 3 different types of ways to find and fix your affiliate links
  1. Find a plugin that exports your links into a CVS or Excel spreadsheet. Some can filter the information and wrap it up in a downloadable file. Then click and view each individual link to see if there are any errors.
  2.  Use Linkkmoney App to scan your site, find all the affiliate link errors and issues, then automatically fix all the affiliate links on your site. Most sites take only a few minutes and Linkmoney App has a nice workable online report system that details everything about your affiliate links.
  3. Go to each page, look for affiliate links and click them. Click the link, look at the URL path and see if you can spot any errors.

Do I need to be an Amazon Associate link expert to find link errors?

For some affiliate links, the problems are obvious to see. On others, unless you are an Amazon link expert, you can go through all of your links and not realize you missed 1,000+ errors. So if you are going to fix your affiliate links manually, know everything about Amazon Affiliate links.

Even if you are able to click the link and it goes to Amazon- exactly where you wanted it to, links can still have errors.

To test your Amazon Affiliate links, go to the Amazon Associates Link Checker and test your links.

Amazon Affiliate with link with errors
Amazon Affiliate link with the incorrect tag query

There are many errors Linkmoney App looks for and automatically fixes so you don’t have to.

Do I lose Amazon Commissions if my affiliate links need to be fixed?

Yes. Every affiliate link error you are having with your affiliate site will block you from getting your Amazon Affiliate Commissions. is a huge sophisticated system that provides goods to billions of people every year. They make it easy to be an affiliate, but the links need to be the way they like them with no errors.

Fixing your Amazon Affiliate links can earn you a lot more affiliate revenue and site traffic. From our testing, over 75% of all WordPress sites had medium to severe affiliate link errors. Some of the errors are from malformed links all the way to incorrect or missing Amazon Store codes.

Why do so many Amazon Affiliate websites have links that need to be fixed?

The reason why we have so many affiliate links with errors that need to be fixed is that we have a lot of links on our sites, with lots of WordPress plugins that come and go. It is not uncommon for an affiliate site to have well over 100,000 links.

With so many links there are bound to be errors.

How do the errors happen?

The simple answer is, that we humans make errors with making hyperlinks, plugins can do strange things, wrong Amazon store codes get inserted, your V.A. has a bad day, and a host of other things can happen when we have so many links that are all held together by software.

Are there usually a lot of affiliate links that have problems?

A site with 100 posts could have more than 4,000 Amazon Affiliate links and another 5,000 internal and external links.

Example: Using Linkmoeny App, we can see one of my affiliate sites had 146,015 total links. 15,797 of those are Amazon affiliate links. The site has around 1,000 posts.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Audit metrics
Screenshot of the Audit Metrics on the Linkmoney App Dashboard.

Within those 146,015 links, I had 5,002 Warnings and 81 Non-Product Report errors. To learn more about the Linkmoney App Dashboard and Report, please go to the guides here.

You can see the number of notifications on the report buttons

Step 2 There are two paths to fix your affiliate links after Step 1

Path 1 The easy way

If you used Linkmoney App to automatically fix your affiliate links, by the time you read this article on fixing your affiliate links, you would be done. This also means your Amazon Associates Commissions would increase at the same time too.

Path 2 The manual way

If you decide to take on fixing your affiliate links on your own, Linkmoney App has a Manual Plan. You get access to the online dashboard and reports. It will be 100% better than trying to use a Google or Excel sheet. Take a look here at the plans “Linkmoney App Plans”.

When you find and identify an affiliate link error, delete the old link and paste in the correct good link(s). Then publish the page. It is a good idea to test the new affiliate link again in Amazon, to make sure there are no more errors.

Get acquainted with all the obvious and common, and the not-so-obvious and not-so-common errors to be sure the work you do fixing your affiliate links earns you a great return for your time.

Most Amazon Affiliate Publishers know they are losing money

The thing is, most site owners probably know they are losing money on their Amazon Affiliate Commissions but have no idea how to correct the problem.

How many affiliate sites have errors and need to fix their affiliate links?

We found that over 75% of all WordPress sites we scanned had errors with their affinities links and needed to fix them.

How did you determine the testing environment?

The Linkmoney App admin has a special scan mode we developed to run on any WordPress website. We can drop in a sitemap, scan any site and generate all the reports. The only way for Linkmoney to automatically fix sites is to have the plugin installed.

I would go to SEMRush and look for WordPress affiliate sites and run them in batches. As of today, the sites scanned are around 1,000. As Linkmoney App goes live and the system runs thousands of times, I will update this article (the day of this article is June 17, 2020).

What kind of affiliate link errors are there?

There are many different types of affiliate link errors where either the links do not work and they get a 404 error, or are not working correctly and you do not get your Amazon Commissions.

Some of these link errors we look for are:

  1. Wrong or Missing Amazon Affiliate Store Tag- This is a very popular problem. Easily the biggest issue, but incredibly hard to fix manually.
  2. Malformed links- These are links that have some kind of format issue that cause errors. A site owner can look at their affiliate links and never know if the link earns them revenue or not. Often times a malformed link is formed from someone fixing a Wrong Amazon Affiliate Store Tag.
  3. Broken links- these are Amazon Affiliate links where the link destination gets a 404 error.
  4. Links with missing ASIN and product numbers.
  5. Links you think are going to, but aren’t.
  6. Links that go to your WordPress login. This is more common than you may think.
  7. Links that go to the wrong Amazon Store Region. If you only have an (United States) account and one of your links goes to Amazon.another-country, you will not receive your Amazon Commissions if you do not have an Amazon Associates account with that country.  This can happen quite a lot if you have overseas content writers and VA’s.
  8. Many, many more. All of your affiliate link errors can be seen in your Linkmoney App Dashboard and Reports.


Fixing your Amazon Affiliate links by hand is nearly impossible to do. It is not impossible, but because we have many thousands of Amazon Affiliate links on our sites, it is certainly not cost-effective.

Use Linkmoney App to automatically find, fix, and replace the broken affiliate links that are costing you precious Amazon Commissions. You can have all of your Amazon Affiliate links earning you more money today by the time you have read this article.

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