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This article is about checking your Amazon Short Links. Checking your links is critical to making the most revenue from your Amazon Affiliate website.

Amazon Short link or link
An example of an Amazon Short Link (

If your affiliate site has a bunch of broken or malformed short links, you are losing Amazon referral commissions from your website traffic.

You can jump to how to check and automatically fix your Amazon Short links in this article by clicking this link.

What is an Amazon Short Link?

An Amazon Short Link, also known as an link, is a shortened URL that allows Amazon Associates to earn referral commissions when someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase on Amazon. It is a convenient way for Amazon Affiliate websites to share links to Amazon products and services. The shortened URL takes the user directly to the product or service page, allowing the affiliate to earn a commission on the sale.

Ever wish you could push a button and all your problems go away?

What is checking Amazon Affiliate Short Links?

Checking Amazon Affiliate Short Links involves verifying that the link provided is a valid Amazon Associates affiliate link and that it is properly formatted and configured to generate referral commissions. It may also involve checking to see if the link is eligible to generate commissions, the tracking ID associated with the link, and ensuring that the link is not expired or disabled.

When should I check my Amazon Short Links?

It is best to check your Amazon Affiliate short links on a very regular basis to ensure that they are working properly and that you are earning the commissions you expect. This can be done by regularly testing the links to make sure they are still active and that they are still connecting to the correct product pages. The need to both check and automatically fix Amazon affiliate links often is why I created Linkmoney App. From my experience, there is just no other way to do it. Additionally, you should also keep an eye on your Amazon Associates account to ensure that your commissions are being tracked and credited properly.

What common errors do Amazon Affiliate Short Links have?

Some common errors that may occur with Amazon Affiliate Links include:

1. Links are not properly formatted, resulting in broken links.
2. Links are not properly associated with the Amazon Associate account, resulting in no commission being earned.
3. Links are not correctly directed to the proper product page, resulting in potential customers not being able to find the product they were looking for.
4. Links are not formatted to track clicks and impressions, resulting in no analytics or insights.
5. Links are not properly shared to social media, resulting in a lack of engagement and reach.
6. Links are not properly tagged with the correct Amazon Store tracking code, or missing it altogether, resulting in incorrect or missing affiliate commissions.

I also put together this article called “Top 20 Amazon Affiliate Link Mistakes” which lists out common Amazon affiliate link mistakes and how to correct them. 

How do I check Amazon Short Links?

To check and fix Amazon Short Links, you can use a link-testing tool like Linkmoney App or the Amazon Link Checker, or what I call “The easy way or the hard way”, These two methods will enable you to check if the links are working correctly, and if they are correctly redirecting to the intended page.

The easy way to test (and automatically fix) Short Links- Linkmoney App

If you use Linkmoney App, all the work will be done for you automatically. Linkmoney will check and fix every Amazon Affiliate on your website.

All the affiliate links on your site could be checked and fixed by the time you finish reading this article.

Step By Step

Step 1. Create a Linkmoney App account.

Step 2. Download the Linkmoney App Plugin

Step 3. Add your API Key to Activate Plugin

Step 4. Look at your Baseline Scan

Step 5. Set up your License.

Step 7. Start Your First Linkmoney App Fix Scan by clicking the Linkmoney App Plugin button. Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Plugin” for more information on the how the plugin works. 

That’s it. After you run a Linkmoney App Fix Scan, every Amazon Short link ( links) and all other Amazon affiliate links on your site will now be checked and fixed. 

Here is a complete detailed Step-By-Step guide to getting started with Linkmoney App.

The hard way

For Amazon Affiliate Links,, and Amazon Associates, you can use the Link Checker tool provided by Amazon to verify that the link works and is properly redirecting. 

You will need to be logged in to your Amazon Associates account to use the Link Checker. 

The Amazon Link Checker will check a single link at a time. This is a great tool if you are needing to check a few Amazon links. Like Linkmoney, it will check both short links and standard affiliate links.

The reason this is the hard way

1. The Amazon Link Checker will check only one link at a time.
2. Amazon Affiliate websites can have many thousands of links. If you have a problem with one link, you probably have many more.
3. It takes a lot of time to check a single link. If an affiliate link has problems, it takes a lot of time to fix it.
4. The Amazon Link Checker can not find all link errors on your affiliate site, and also it can not fix them.
5. If you find a link with an error, The Amazon Link Checker does not tell you what was wrong with it. The error could be a human or plugin error which could mean this error could have been made many times, all over the site.

Is manually checking an entire affiliate website’s shortlinks impossible?

No, but, checking and fixing affiliate links on an entire affiliate site is a very manual process. I have found it nearly impossible to do. There are just so many links on an affiliate site. You can find some online tools that can print out all the affiliate links on your website, but then you still need to manually check and fix them all.
Google sheet with posts and amazon affiliate links
Example of a manual link report

It is not uncommon to have many thousands of Amazon affiliate link errors. I found the time to put a team together, manage that team, to fix thousands of links is an incredibly different task.

Plus, people manually fixing affiliate links by hand will introduce more errors. The QA process of making sure all the work is done correctly is enormous.

Why should I check ALL my Amazon Affiliate Short Links Links at once?

example of Amazon short link and expanded link
Example of an Amazon Short Link and an expanded link

It is important to check all your Amazon Affiliate Short Links at the same time to ensure they are working correctly and that they are properly tracking your referral commissions.

If they are not working correctly, you may miss out on potential commissions.

Checking your links will ensure that you do not violate any of Amazon’s terms and conditions, which could lead to your account being suspended or closed.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the URL is properly formatted and is not leading to any broken links, which can cause customers to become frustrated and leave your website.

Finally, checking your links regularly helps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Amazon Affiliate Program.

Can I just look at the affiliate link and see errors?

Example of an invalid linkNo, unless you are an Amazon Affiliate links expert. Most can’t just look at an Amazon affiliate link and know there is anything wrong with it or if the link has the correct Amazon Affiliate Store Tag so you get your commissions.

How can I see the Amazon Shortlink expanded?

There are two ways to see short links expanded:

1. Click the short link. Each individual shortlink on your website will need to be manually clicked to see the full link URL and where it is going, you can click the link. Then you can fully view it in the browser and where it went on Amazon.

2. Run Linkmoney App. Linkmoney checks, fixes, and audits all the Amazon Affiliate links on your site. Once a Fix Scan has been run, you will be able to see all the Amazon short links on your site and the expanded URL’s they click to. 

Without Linkmoney App, It’s nearly impossible to check all of your Amazon Short Links.

Linkmoney App Detailed Report Example 3
The Detailed Report will show all Short Links that have been expanded, checked and automatically fixed

The Detailed Report shows every Amazon Affiliate link on your site that was fixed.

Here is an article on the Detailed Fix Report. 

Product Report showing short link location
Product Report shows the URL of where they short link is

The Product Report shows all product links on your affiliate site and the URLs where they are located.  This makes them easy to locate. 

Here is an article on the Product Report.

Does Linkmoney tell me how many Short Links on on my site?

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Audit metrics
Linkmoney audits all of the Amazon Affiliate links found on your site

Yes. When you first run Linkmoney, all of your Amazon Affiliate links will be audited. 

After the first scan, which is called a Baseline Scan, you will be able to see the number of links that are on your site. 

Can I convert links into standard Amazon Links?

Yes, you can convert links into standard Amazon links. You can use Linkmoney App to do this. allows you to easily convert links into standard Amazon links with just a few clicks. Here is an article called “How to convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate links” that explains how to convert your Amazon short links into standard Amazon affiliate links.


Checking your Amazon affiliate links, either short links or standard links, is vital to your Amazon Affiliate business.

Using Linkmoney App, will do all the hard work for you. This will increase your Amazon Affiliate revenue and give you peace of mind.

This is why we say “Make more revenue instantly with Linkmoney App”. You will earn more Amazon referral commissions if all of your Amazon affiliate links are healthy, from your existing traffic.

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