What is Linkmoney App?

Linkmoney App is a system that is developed to automatically detect, locate, and fix Amazon Affiliate link errors using state of the art A.I. The idea came from my experiences with owning and operating Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites.

Linkmoney App not only saves you time and makes you money but gives you peace of mind. Knowing that all your Amazon Affiliate Links are healthy, having your correct Amazon store code in the link, and go to where you intend them to is how to make the most Amazon commission.

How Does Linkmoney App Save You Time and Money?

This table is a summary of the article. In this article, I wanted to document not only why I created Linkmoney App, but how much time and money it has saved me. 

This table of costs and hours to manually find and fix your affiliate links without LinkMoney is for only one time, Linkmoney can be run as often as you like and the cost remains the same. 

Look at every Amazon affiliate link on a 1,000 post website.Without LinkMoney Time and Cost One TimeWith LinkMoney A.I. Time and Cost
Get all your posts and links into a spreadsheet6 Hours, $90A few minutes
Check each affiliate link to make sure it has your correct store code.92 Hours, $1,360A few minutes
Fix all affiliate link errors25 Hours, $375A few minutes
Hours and Cost at $15 per hour*123 Hours, $1,845A few minutes,
Headache, frustration and errors YesNone
How often can you check your Affiliate link health? As long as you have another $1,845 each timeAs much as needed, no extra cost at about 3 minutes each time

*These are averages for me, It could take much longer for those with minimal understanding of WordPress, spreadsheets, project management systems, and the Amazon Associates Program.

Linkmoney App Online Reports Organize Your Sites Link Errors

Linkmoney App Dashboard

The Dashboard tracks, gathers, and displays all of your Amazon Affiliate link information and metrics.

Linkmoney App Warning Report

The App Warnings Report shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site.

Linkmoney App Non-Product Link Report

The Non-Product Link Report is specific to the Amazon Product links on your site that are not going to products or have an error. 

Linkmoney App Product Report

The Product link Report shows every “unique” link to Amazon.com discovered during the last scan and details any errors or issues with your Amazon Affiliate links.

Linkmoney App Detailed Report

The Detailed Report is a detailed view of all the updates made to your Amazon Affiliate links for the last time you ran a scan.

When you purchase a license, it comes with a dashboard that organizes and displays, and reports all the issues that Linkmoney App found, fixed and recommends fixing. It also comes with other useful tools.

Warning report– this report shows all the security issues we found, like WordPress logins or preview pages on links. Basically links we think you should be aware of and fix. 

Non-Product report– this report shows all the malformed and broken Amazon affiliate links, Amazon links without ASIN and many other things we detected that are not going to a product.

Product Link report– this report lists all the Amazon affiliate links on your site, by page and slug and shows any errors and issues with each link. This is also downloadable from the dashboard. 

Detailed report– this report shows everything Linkmoney fixed on the site and any issues we recommend you fixing. 

How Does Linkmoney App Make You More Money Instantly?

The fact is that if all your Amazon Affiliate links are working the way they were intended, not broken, have no issues, and have your Amazon Affiliate tag in all your affiliate links- you will make more money from your existing traffic. 

Check out this article on why I created Linkmoney for a deeper look into how much money I saved and extra revenue I made. 

Linkmoney App only takes a few minutes to find, fix and report on all the Amazon Affiliate Links on your site. 

Who Needs Linkmoney App?

If you own or operate a WordPress Amazon Affiliate Marketing website, you need Linkmoney. 

Most every site we have run Linkmoney on has had many affiliate link issues that are costing the owner of the site money. 

Another way of looking at that is- most Amazon Affiliate sites will make more money after they use Linkmoney. This is because all their affiliate links will be healthy and doing what are supposed to. 

Why I Created Linkmoney App

My background for the last 20 years has been software. At first, it was designing PC games, then later iOS games, then multiplatform games, then business apps. 

I first got into Amazon Affiliate Marketing around June of 2020. My brother was the first to get into Amazon Affiliate Marketing by purchasing a couple of Amazon Affiliate sites around 2018. 

When he first purchased the sited, they were profitable. However, the sites just sat untouched for over a year and a half. The traffic and revenues fell to almost nothing. He began talking to me about partnering up to try and get the sites profitable again. 

When I Became A Content Publisher With The Amazon Associates Program

In February 2020, I started to take a look at affiliate marketing and toyed around with the idea. I liked the idea and in June 2020 I actually dived in. 

Over the next 6 months, I studied SEO and with my background in software became both proficient and knowledgeable in WordPress and SEO. 

By January 2021, I had put a small team together and had begun optimizing the existing articles on the site. 

One part of the team was article writers and the other was what I called site editing. I also worked with different content agencies.

I started off working on one site that had 183 articles on it. The traffic was about 2,000 per month. 

Over the next 3 months, I added nearly 700 high SEO articles to the site and by September 2021 the site was averaging around 60,000 visits per month. I plan on writing about how I did this in the future and will link it here. 

Traffic increase from my SEO in Google Analytics

What Kind Of Content I Publish

On average, I would create about 50% “Informational” articles and 50% “Buyer’s Guide” articles. Most of the articles had one or some Amazon Affiliate links, while the Buyer’s Guide articles were full of them. 

My site ad revenue soared, but I noticed that while my ad revenue increased steadily with new content, my Amazon Affiliate revenue did not. 

This chart shows my Ad revenue PFH

Why Was My Amazon Affiliate Revenue Not Growing?

At this time, I started to investigate my Amazon Affiliate links. Why weren’t they converting? This is when I began to notice all sorts of affiliate link problems.

Thanks to my new increased revenue, I added an additional WordPress editor to help track down the Amazon link issues I was having. 

I use Airtable to manage tasks on my sites. I set up an Airtable with the task of going through every single link on the site, finding the issues and errors, and fixing them.

I use Airtable for all my project management

After the first few days of my editor team going through the site, I realized that this was nearly impossible for a person to do, There were literally over 100,000 links on the site. Plus it was going to cost a fortune and take a lot of time- at least a fortune for me because I was on a tight budget. 

I Need Linkmoney App, So I Built A Prototype

This is when I decided to create a Linkmoney prototype. I needed something that could find all my Amazon Affiliate links and display them online- so I could work through them. 

Once I had developed an early prototype, I started to realize there were multiple affiliate link problems going on:

  1. There were affiliate links missing Amazon Store codes altogether. The product links had been added, but no store code was in the link. 
  2. I noticed Amazon links went to places other than Amazon. 
  3. Some of the links crashed and produced both 404 and Amazon 404 errors.
  4. There were product links that went to the wrong country- which means no commission. 
  5. Some links had Amazon store codes that were not mine!

I Needed To Group Issues Into Classes

I began to classify the Amazon link issues by:

  1. Amazon store code- these were Amazon Affiliate links that were either missing the Amazon Associate store code and/or had a bad store code.
  2. Warnings- these were links that go to the absolute wrong place like to a WordPress admin login, to a picture- to somewhere strange. I also classified Amazon links that go to the wrong county and other places that were obviously going where the link was not intended to go as warnings.
  3. Unrecognized- these are malformed links and broken links that are supposed to be going to Amazon but are completely broken or going or doing something else. 

Fixing Amazon Affiliate Links Will Make You More Money Now

All of these issues were hurting my Amazon affiliate revenue- and there were many. 

I knew this- If I could fix these Amazon Affiliate links, the moment they were fixed, I would make more revenue instantly. 

When an affiliate site adds new content, it takes several weeks before Google indexes the content. 

But when fixing Amazon Affiliate links on live pages that already have traffic to them, then the revenue is instant. 

It Was Time To Automate Linkmoney App To Do The Work For Me

Now I had a tool, Linkmoney,  that could find all these problems and issues, and there were thousands of issues. 

I realized that fixing these thousand of issues would take a long time and a lot of work- which equaled big costs, and surely a headache. 

So, the next step was to automate this tool so it both fixed issues for me and gave me an online report that either I or a team member could work through to get every single Amazon Affiliate link working properly- and fast. 

What are the time and money costs of fixing Amazon Affiliate links on your site without Linkmoney App?

The answer is a lot. It is not just that it costs money, but also time and frustration. Think about it like this, let’s say you have a site that has 1,000 posts on it. I call these posts articles.

Before you can start fixing your Amazon Affiliate Links, you will need to set up Your Working Environment 

In order to begin fixing or locating any problematic Amazon affiliate links, you’re going to need to get all the links on your site into some kind of spreadsheet or project management system. 

As I mentioned before I use Airtable to manage processes,  but you can use Google Sheets, Excel, or something like that. 

Google Sheet of URLS

There are different paid tools specific to WordPress that can export all the links on your site into a spreadsheet. All of them do about the same thing. 

Whichever plugin you use, most will allow you to export them in a CSV file. 

Assuming that you went through this process correctly, what you will have now is a spreadsheet with all of your links in a spreadsheet. 

If I were to use one of my sites as an example, I would now have a spreadsheet that has 112,000 links in it.

What you will quickly realize is this is just a bunch of links in a spreadsheet. It really does you no good.

What you need first is to separate which of these links are Amazon affiliate links from all the non-affiliate links- like internal and external links. 

Google Sheet full of Amazon links

With some skill and a lot of time, you can clean your spreadsheet up to only display Amazon affiliate links. 

Also, the good news is, if you have no idea how to find and locate data in a spreadsheet, there are numerous YouTube videos on spreadsheets. The bad news is, you will have to search until you find the one you are looking for. 

I’m explaining this because I actually went through this process.

Now, once you have a clean spreadsheet with only your Amazon affiliate links in it,  and if you are like me, you now realize that this is actually useless. 

What you really need to know is what affiliate links are on what pages. In other words, those links by themselves are useless because you will need to know where they are located in order to fix them.

Google sheet with posts and amazon affiliate links

Now you can determined which of the links are either bad, missing affiliate store codes, malformed or other problems that affiliate links have.

This way you can begin the process of finding Amazon Affiliate link issues in an organized way. 

In actuality, getting a spreadsheet that has all your post URLs on it that show all the Amazon affiliate links on that post, is going to take you quite a long time. 


How long does it take to fix the affiliate links on my site?

In the tables below, I have used approximately how long it takes me or one of my team to find and fix the Amazon Affiliate links on my sites. 

You may be a little faster or a little slower. I sometimes help others with their affiliate sites and I can tell you first hand, for some it will take a lot longer. 

How long exactly just depends on your knowledge and experience of dealing with WordPress, the Amazon Associates Program, and how you manage your work and time. 

On average each article can easily have 10 plus links. So if your affiliate site has 1,000 articles that comes out to around 10,000 links – below is an example.

Website postsLinks in postNumber of links on your site

Most articles nowadays on a Niche Amazon Affiliate site have about 2000 words per article. So it is not just about scanning through 2000 words and 10 links per article, But each link needs to be gone through and looked at individually.

Website postsLinks in postAverage words per ArticleLinks on your siteWords on your site
1,000102,00010,0001.6 million

To examine each link, you will need to click on an Amazon link to see where it goes and also highlight the link and see what’s in it. So there are two parts to examine each link. 

Click And Examine The Link Takes Time

To examine an affiliate link, you will need to physically click the affiliate link to see if it’s broken to see if it’s actually going to where you wanted it to. If it is an Amazon affiliate link that is displaying a product, it should go to Amazon and show that product. 

You will also need to see, examine. if the affiliate has your Amazon store code in it. If it has no store code, you will not receive your commissions. 

This is a pitcure if an Amazon Affilaite Store code in a link

This process for an entire webite takes a lot of thought and concentration, which equals a lot of time. 

From my experience when you put a team on this the first several articles go okay, but after a while, all the words and links start to mush together and mistakes are made. 

 It begins to look like a bunch of Matrix text and concentration goes out the window. 

This is what a bunch of words start too look like on a computer screen when looking at a bunch of them

Costs of time and money to fix your Amazon Affiliate links

From the example above, let’s put a time to what it takes to look at a single article and find any issues with the Amazon Affiliate links in that post. 

  1. Set up either a spreadsheet, Google sheet, or in my case set up an Airtable with all the URLs (articles/posts) on the site. I call this the working environment- 30 minutes to an hour. 
  2. Click on an article to scan it with your eyes, look for affiliate links in the article and identify their location- this is the first thing to do. 60 seconds.
  3. Examine and click on each link to see what happens. 
    1. Look at the link to make sure it has your correct Amazon Affiliate store code- 10 seconds. 
    2. Click on the link to see where it goes. 
      1. If it goes to the right place go to the next link. 10 seconds each= 4 minutes for the whole article.
      2. If it does not go to the right place or have the incorrect store code, document the issues with the link in your working environment. You will need to come back and fix it. If you are fast and have a great system in place (Like a good working environment in #1 above) 1 minute (or less).

How much time does it take to examine a single post for Amazon Affiliate link issues?

Action per articleTime per task
Look at the article to find links.1-3 minutea
Examine and click each link to see where it goes (10 links).4 minutes per article
Document which links have issues (average 3 issues per article).3 minutes (if you are fast)
Time it takes to examine and document Amazon Affiliate links for a Single article.7 minutes

Now we haven’t included the time it takes to fix any of the affiliate link issues yet. But, let’s take a look at the time it takes to only find and document all the issues on your entire Amazon Affiliate site.

Number of articles (posts) on your Amazon Affiliate site.Average time it takes to examine and document Amazon Affiliate links for one article.Time to document your Amazon Affiliate link issues on the whole site.
200 posts7 minutes23 hours
500 posts7 minutes46 hours
1,000 posts7 minutes92 hours

If you are like me, that looks like a lot of time and effort, and it is.

Now It Is Time To Fix The Amazon Affiliate Links

At this point we have found all the issues on our Amazon Affiliate site. Keep in mind this is either you doing it or your team. 

From my experience, it never really gets done. The project starts out fine, but after a while, I and my team began to miss links, make mistakes, and even quit in frustration. Finding and fixing affiliate links for an entire site is a huge project. 

But I knew if I could fix all these issues, I would make more money off my current affiliate content. 

How much time does it take to fix a single Amazon Affiliate link?

Actually fixing your Amazon Affiliate links without Linkmoney really comes down to your knowledge of the Amazon Associates program, or how to operate various tools and WordPress plugins that can help with this. 

If the Amazon Affiliate link is only missing a store code, there are several tools that can help you get the code in place. This also goes for if the affiliate link has the wrong Amazon store code. 

If your Amazon Associate link is completely going to the wrong palace, you will need to find the product you want it to go to, edit that link and add the link with your correct store code. 

I can probably do one in 3 minutes on average. With distractions, it can be a lot more time.

ActionNumber of issuesTime to fix single issuesTime to fix all issue
Add your Amazon store code to the affiliate link100, 200, 5003 minutes5, 10, 25 hours with no distractions
Fix the Amazon affiliate link100, 200, 5003 minutes5, 10, 25 hours with no distractions

*This is an approximate time it takes me. The actual time it will take you depends on your WordPress and Amazon Associate experience- it could be much more.

What are the costs of finding, fixing, and replacing Amazon Affiliate links without Linkmoney App?

If you are going to fix all your affiliate link issues yourself, then you can estimate your hourly rate. On places like UpWork, which I use, I can generally find help for somewhere between $15 and $30 per hour. 

Keep in mind, because you want to make sure that you are fixing all your Amazon Affiliate links and it is done right,  you will need people who can get it done correctly the first time. 

In my opinion, the larger the site, the more talented contractor you need because it will be nearly impossible to check and verify all the work.- without Linkmoney App. 

Cost per hour for contractorNumber of posts on your affiliate siteHours to find and identify affiliate link issues Number of issues you found that need to be fixed*Hours to fix the affiliate link issues Cost to have your site’s affiliate links healthy and making money**
$1520023 hours1005 hours$420
$3020023 hours1005 hours$840
$1550046 hours20010 hours$840
$3050046 hours20010 hours$1,680
$151,00092 hours50025 hours$1,755
$301,00092 hours50025 hours$3,510

*This is an estimated number of link issues that were found. 

**This is for one time. If you wanted to check all your links again, you would need to start over.

The Costs To Find, Fix and Report Amazon Affiliate Links Are Estimates

The above costs are estimates because, from my experience, the entire process of going through your site could take weeks or even months to complete. 

As you can imagine, without Linkmoney App, this is a difficult process to do and manage.

There are no costs mentioned in the table on how long it will take you to check the work. 

In my experience, going through all the affiliate links on your site will never end because affiliate link issues never end. Also, the above table costs without Linkmoney App covers only one time. 

If you could put a team together and get this done, how often could you afford to go through all your affiliate links? New issues pop up all the time. 

This is why I created Linkmoney App.

I wanted to know all my Amazon Affiliate links are working all the time. Let’s compare how long it takes Linkmoney App to find, locate and fix Amazon Affiliate link issues compared to a team. 

How Much Time Will You Save By Using Linkmoney App?

The time and money to find, fix and report your affiliate link issues saves you will depend on how many issues your Amazon Affiliate site has. 

No matter how many affiliate link issues you have though, LinkMoney will work for you.

Number of posts on siteTime it takes for a team of contractors to find Affiliate link issuesTime it takes a team of contractors to document and fix affiliate link issueTime it takes LinkMoney to find, document, and fix affiliate link issues.
20023 hours5 hoursA few minutes
50046 hours10 hoursA few minutes
1,00092 hours25 hoursA few minutes

Linkmoney App was designed to be used often

It would be extremely difficult and expensive to have a team that goes through all of your Amazon Affiliate Links regularly. 

Linkmoney App was designed to be used often. All you need to do is run the tool from time to time and make sure all your affiliate links are healthy. 

Linkmoney App will fix most issues automatically and for others it creates a nice usable online report for and Warnings and Affiliate Link errors. 

Plus, it requires no technical skills to use. Give Linkmoney App a try today and find out why Linkmoney App is in a class by itself for finding, fixing, and reporting your Amazon Affiliate link problems. 

Charles Joyner

Charles Joyner

Hello, I am a fellow Niche Website Publisher. Like you, I’m always looking to earn the most revenue I can from Amazon Affiliate websites. We created Linkmoney App so we all could earn more revenue from our hard work and time publishing and operating affiliate websites. I love all things SEO and Publishing! Software nerd since 1998. Leave me a “whoot!” in the comments if you read the article, and please comment on what would make it better. Thank you!

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