How to convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate links

Linkmoney App offers a solution to convert AMZN.TO links on your affiliate site into standard Amazon Affiliate links. With our easy-to-use system, all of the AMZN.TO links can be automatically converted without any hassle. 

This way, your affiliate site can seamlessly integrate with Amazon and earn commission through their affiliate program.

Click or tap here to jump to see how to “Automatically” Convert ALL the links on your site, at the same time- here in this article. 

If you want to know how to convert your Amazon short links manually, one by one, click here to jump to that section in this article. 

What is an link? links are shortened URLs that direct customers to products or services on They are usually used in marketing campaigns to make it easier for customers to find a specific product or service. links are created by the Amazon Affiliate Link Generator. 

Below is an example of a shortened Amazon Affiliate link using the AMZN.TO link shortener and a clean standard Amazon Affiliate link:

Example of a converted AMZN.TO shortlink converted to a standard Amazon Affiliate product link

Below you can see an Amazon affiliate link that was shortened by the Amazon Link Generator or Amazon link shortner. 

The second example is what the affilaite link will look link after it is converted into a Standard Amazon Affiliate link.

Note: We talk more about what is meant by “Standard cleaned up Amazon Affiliate Link” here.

How does Linkmoney find, check, fix, and convert Amazon short links?

Linkmoney is a SaaS that efficiently performs a series of processes to ensure that the affiliate links on your website are always functional and optimized for you. 

The tool identifies, checks, fixes, and converts links to guarantee that they work correctly, providing you with peace of mind. 

In other words, Linkmoney ensures your Amazon Affiliate links are always working to their full potential and earnign you your Amazon referral commissions. 

Step One- Linkmoney Finds All Amazon Short Links ( On Your Site

Example of a Linkmoney Baseline Scan showing the number of short links that were found

Step Two- Linkmoney Expands and Checks Amazon Short Link

Linkmoney expands the short link into the actual unshortened Amazon affiliate link. 

From here, the system runs all the links it found on your affiliate site through several checks to identify if there are any errors. Here are some of the most common errors the system looks for:

Typical Amazon Short Link Example Using SiteStripe

This is the typical Amazon short link created when using the Amazon Site Stripe tool in Amazon Associates. 

This is an example of the Amazon SiteStripe shortening an Amazon affiliate link

Amazon Short Link Example Expanded

Linkmoney will expand the short link from an Amazon short link ( into the full Amazon affiliate link.

After an Amazon short link has been expanded

Step Three- Linkmoney checks the converted Amazon Short Links for errors

Linkmoney will now look for any errors in the expanded Amazon affiliate links

Here is an article that details all the errors Linkmoney App looks for and fixes called “Linkmoney App Reports Link Errors (all detectable link errors explained)“.

Lonkmoney looks for Amazon affiliate link errors and identifies them

Step Four -Linkmoney fixes the Amazon Affiliate links

Once the errors in any of the converted Amazon short links ( are identified, Linkmoney automatically fixes them. 

This is an example of a fixed Amazon affiliate link after running Linkmoney App

Step Five- Linkmoney puts the fixed and converted link back

After the FIx Scan is complete, Linkmoney automatically puts the link back on your affiliate site. Now you know your All Amazon short links are earning you your Amazon referral commissions. 

To see how to get started with Linkmoney, see this guide called the “Step-By-Step Guide”.

Most Amazon affiliate sites only take a few minutes to run. A 1,000 post affiliate site, with 150,000 affiliate links, takes about 7-8 minutes as an example.

Why convert links into standard Amazon links?

Converting “” links into standard Amazon links can help increase the chances of an individual clicking on the link. 

“” links are shortened versions of Amazon links and can be difficult to recognize as a link to Amazon. 

Standard Amazon links are much more recognizable and can help prevent users from becoming confused or uncertain about where the link will take them.

When you choose Linkmoney to convert all of your Amazon short links, you will know they are all checked and automatically fixed too. 

Why were we using links?

The idea was to create links: short, easy-to-remember links that redirect to Amazon product pages. 

By converting links, the goal was to allow users to quickly and easily access the product pages they are looking for without having to type in a long URL or search for the product manually. 

However, these days so many people use shortened links that it can cause people to stop clicking on links they do not fully recognize. 

Who still remembers an link after seeing it?

Linkmoney App will do more than just convert your links.

Remove excess query parameters and JavaScript.

Often times, Amazon Affiliate links will contain extra query parameters and JavaScript errors. Linkmoney will turn all your affiliate links into perfect, clean, standard affiliate links.

Remove query parameters
The link in the Original Link column was converted and displayed in the Updated Link column.

Ensure all of your Amazon Associates Store ID’s are in every link, including your links.

If any of the Amazon Affiliate links do not contain your Amazon store tag, you will not receive your referral commission.

Linkmoney App will automatically make sure ALL the affiliate links on your site have your Amazon Affiliate Store ID.  

Below are examples of Before Linkmoney fixed all the affiliate links on a site and After:

Before automatcially fixing your affiliate links

As you can see below, this site has many different Amazon Associates Store IDs.

This report came from the Baseline Scan Linkmoney runs after you create your account 

The Dashboard Report showing all the different Amazon Store tags on a site.
After automatcially fixing your affiliate links

Below is an example of all the Amazon Affiliate links that were converted, cleaned, and fixed by a Fix Scan. Notice that all the incorrect store tags have been removed, and only yours remains. 

This is why we claim that you will instantly earn more revenue from your existing traffic after running Linkmoney. 

If all of your affiliate links contain the correct store code, you will earn more Amazon referral commissions once the Fix Scan is finished.

Linkmoney App Dashboard Great Scan
The Dashboard Report showing all Amazon Affiliate links automatically fixed.
Linkmoney App will aslo keep any additional or Preffered Store Ids

If your Amazon Affiliate site uses more than one Amazon Affiliate tag. or Preferred Associates Store IDs, you can reserve them.  

See this article called “Linkmoney App Reserved Store Tags” for more information on reserving Amazon Store IDs. 

Below is an example of a Fix Scan with Reserved Store Tags:

The Dashboard Report showing Linkmoney reserved Preferred Store IDs.

How are Amazon Affiliate Websites using Product links?

Amazon affiliate websites use product links to refer customers to products on 

This is done by placing a special tracking code on the link that is used to refer customers to the Amazon site. The tracking code ensures that the website gets paid a commission for the sales it generates. 

Product links are an important part of any Amazon affiliate website, as they generate a passive income and help build a steady stream of customers for the website.

Amazon product links are used in text, images and buttons
Amazon Product Links can be used in many places on an affiliate site.

Why should I not use exposed links in affiliate content?

Exposed links in affiliate content can pose significant security risks. If the link is exposed, malicious users can easily target it, potentially accessing sensitive information or hacking into the system. 

Moreover, search engines can flag exposed links as spam, potentially hurting your website’s ranking.

Short links can be used in paragraphs, emails, and more
Poorly placed Amazon Affiliate link in product content

How to automatically convert your AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate product links using Linkmoney App

We have made it quite easy to convert links into standard Amazon links. Here is a guide called Linkmoney App Getting Started Guides that have all the Step-By-Step Details. 

Step-By-Step Guide to converting your links.

Step 1. Create a Linkmoney App account.

Step 2. Download the Linkmoney App Plugin

Step 3. Add your API Key to Activate Plugin

Step 4. Look at your Baseline Scan

Step 5. Set up your License. 

Step 6. Choose Expand Shortlinks, Cleanup links, and TablePress if you use the plugin on your site. Here is an article called “Linkmoney App License Control Panel and API Key” for more information on the License Control Panel. 

Expand, Cleanup Shortlinks including tables
This is the License Control Panel with all the link options checked (recommended).

Step 7. Start Your First Linkmoney App Fix Scan by clicking the Linkmoney App Plugin button. Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Plugin” for more information on the how the plugin works. 

That’s it. After you run a Linkmoney App Fix Scan, every link on your site will now be converted into perfect standard Amazon product links.

How do I know how many links are on my site?

Once you have created a Linkmoney App account, the system runs what we call a Baseline Scan. Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Baseline Scan” that has more information on what a Baseline Scan is.  

The Baseline scan looks at every link on your affiliate site and creates a Link Audit. But does not make any fixes. Only Fix Scans fix errors. Here are a couple of links on Baseline Scan and Fix Scans:

1. What is the difference between a Fix Scans and a Baseline scan? 

2. How to run a Fix Scan.

After your Baseline Scan is finished, you can simple go to your Dashboard and see how many links are on your site. The number of links on your site will be displayed in the Audit Metrics area of the report called “ Links”. 

Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Dashboard” that has all the details about the dashboard. 

AMZN.TO Links in the Linkmoney App Dashboard
The number of links on your affiliate site after a Baseline Scan.

Are ALL the Amazon Store Tracking Codes on your site yours?

Can you view all of your AMZN.TO links prior to converting them?

Yes, if you would like to view all of your links prior to converting them, just go to the Product Link Report. Then click the “shorltink” filter.

Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Product Link Report” for more information on the report that is generated from all the product links on your affiliate site. 

Locate AMZN.TO shortlinks
The Product Report can filter all the links on your affiliate site.

How do I know what links were converted to Standard Amazon Affiliate Links?

Linkmoney tracks every fix and change made from each Fix Scan in the Detailed Report.

Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Detailed Fixed Report” that explains this report in detail. 

Below is an example of the Detailed Report showing the original links and updated links:

Linkmoney App Detailed Report Example 3
Example of links that were converted into standard links in the Detailed Report.

Can I filter the Detailed Report to just show converted links?

Yes. Just choose the filter called “Shortlinks” from the Detailed Report and all of will be displayed.

Convert shortlink Orginal link and updated link
Clicking the "shortlink" filter will filter out all other affiliate links.

Ever wish you could push a button and all your problems go away? Now you can.

Will I lose Amazon analytics if I convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate product links?

No, you will not lose Amazon analytics if you convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate product links. The Amazon analytics data will still be tracked, but the links themselves will be different.

How do I convert all my links manually?

Not using Linkmoney to convert links is what we call “doing to the hard way. This will be an almost impossible task. But for a very small site, with only a few links, it can be done. But beware it is very time consuming and you will need to be very careful to not add any new affiliate link issues while doing it. 

First, if you do not know how to edit a WordPress link, here is a great article called “How to Change Your WordPress Site URLs” that show exactly how to do it.

Step 1. Go to a page that has links being used for product links.

Step 2. In a new tab, open up your WordPress editor. 

Step 3. Find the link in the article you would like to convert. Click to edit the link.

Step 4. Now, copy the shortlink, and in a new tab, paste it into the browser. 

You can now see the full link.

Step 5. Go to the Amazon Link Checker and test the link. Here is the link for the checker.

The link checker will either show a “Success” or “Failed”.

Amazon Link Checker with a Success message.

If you the Amazon Affiliate link you checked is a good link, you will get a Success message. 

This means the link also has your correct Amazon Store Code in it. 

Amazon Link Checker Success message
Amazon Link Checker with Success message.

Amazon Link Checker with a Failed message.

If you paste and check the link and the Amazon Link Fixer returns a “Fail” message, then you will need to delete that link and get a new one. 

Amazon Link Checker Failed message
Amazon Link Checker with Fail message.

Step 6. Go back to the page you were editing, and paste either the converted link (from Step 4) or the new link you made after the link failed the Amazon Link Checker back into the link in the article. 

Step 7. Do the next link(s) the same way until your site is finished. 

“Converting your links into standard Amazon affiliate links is a good idea. If you are looking to do so, you have two choices:

1. Use the Linkmoney App. It’s quick and precise, and our AI doesn’t make mistakes. It can differentiate between the number “0” and the capital letter “O,” and will not accidentally paste an incomplete URL into a WordPress external link.

2. Do it yourself. This is fine if you only have a few links to convert. But if your entire site has been using short links for a while, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is nearly impossible, and as a human, you could potentially introduce new link problems to your site. Additionally, it takes a lot of time to convert just one link.”


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