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Linkmoney App Dashboard (Everything explained)

What is the Linkmoney App Dashboard?

The Linkmoney App Dashboard tracks, gathers, and displays all of your Amazon Affiliate link information and metrics.

The information and metrics displayed on the dashboard are generated each time you run Linkmoney App.

The Likmoney App Dashboard is where you can also view your Linkmoney App Reports.

Linkmoney App Dashboard

The Dashboard tracks, gathers, and displays all of your Amazon Affiliate link information and metrics.

Linkmoney App Warning Report

The App Warnings Report shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site.

Linkmoney App Non-Product Link Report

The Non-Product Link Report is specific to the Amazon Product links on your site that are not going to products or have an error. 

Linkmoney App Product Report

The Product link Report shows every “unique” link to discovered during the last scan and details any errors or issues with your Amazon Affiliate links..

Linkmoney App Detailed Report

The Detailed Report is a detailed view of all the updates made to your Amazon Affiliate links for the last time you ran a scan.

What Reports Does Linkmoney App Generate?

Linkmoney App saves your report history

The Linkmonay App Pro plan enables the site owner to scan often. Because of that, we save your scan history so you can review past website errors and updates. The Linkmoney App Manual Plan is a single one-time scan that scan is saved to your account.

Both Plans have your Linkmoney App Dashboard. To view the differences between the Linkmoney App Pro and Manual Pans, we wrote an article here.

How do I get to the Linkmoney App Dashboard?

The Linmoney App Dashboard will not be generated until you create an account, purchase a plan, and run Linkmoney App.  You can view the Linkmoney App first-time starters guide here to see how to get Linkmoney App up and running for the first time.

  1. Log into your Linkmoney App Dashboard, you can do this either by clicking this link here, or go to and click the Login button in the upper-right part of the Linkmoney App Home Page.

The Linkmoney App Login Button is in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page

2. In the upper right corner of the Linkmoney App Dashboard you will see your email, your picture (if you chose one), and a drop-down box. Click the drop-down box and then click Dashboard. If you would like to see what the Linkmoney App dashboard does and what it is, click here.

This is how to get to the Linkmoney App dashboard.
Click “Dashboard: to go to the Linkmoney App dashboard

3. On the Dashboard you will see a dropdown box with all of your scans.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with no scans selected

A. Select and click the dropdown box and a list of all your scans will show. To the left of the select a report scan dropdown box, you will see how many scans you have saved.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with with scan selected
Linkmoney App scans are saved in date chronological order

Linkmoney App Pro saves your previous scans for your records and history.

B. Once you select a scan, you will be taken to your Linkmoney App Dashboard for that scan.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard

Linkmoney App Dashboard Report Explained

Available Reports

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Available reports not selected

The Available Report section is the first thing you see when going to the Linkmoney App Dashboard. To the left you will see the number of Available Reports you have. 

An Avialable Report is a record of a scan. With Linkmoney App Pro you can scan as many times as you need and the system will save your scan history.  Linkmoney App Manual will have a single scan. Please see “What is the difference between Linkmoney App Pro and Linkmoney App Manual?” for more details between the two plans. 

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Available reports, report selected

When you select the scan the available report you would like to look at, a drop-down appears. Click on the report you would like to view.  

Site Fix Meta

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard scan meta with the title, URL and details

The Site Fix Meta section gives all the details the scan. 

Site URL, when the report was generated (time and date of when you ran Linkmoney App) and how long the scan took in seconds. 

View Scan Reports

You can view the available Linkmoney App report from the Dashboard

The View Scan Reports section consists of the reports generated from your last scan. 

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Available reports not selected

The white box with numbers shows how many errors were found with this scan. 

Amazon Affiliate Store Tag Summary

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Amazon Affiliate store tag summary

The Amazon Affiliate Store Tag Summary shows how many errors or missing tags the scan found and fixed. 

The area called “Your Affiliate Tag” contains the store tag you want to be on all your links. You add your Amazon Store Tag to your licenses. For details on how to setup your Linkmoney App Licenses, please read this article called “Linkmoney App Plan Licenses (Full Guide)” here.

“We found, fixed or replaced the following Affiliate Tag(s)”

This is an extremely important part of the scan. 

Here you can see how many different store tags were on you site. Most sites have one store tag. This is also a great place to see if someone has added their store tag to your site.

The store tag you gave the system under “Your Affiliate Tag” is now the store tag on your site. 

Did Linkmoney App update every Amazon Affiliate link on my site? 

It does unless the links are in unsupported shortcode links. You can read more about short code links by clicking over to this article called “What Short Links and Shortcode Does Linkmoney App Support (And Which Ones It Doesn’t)?.”

How do I know what links were automatcially fixed and which links I need to fix manually?

All of the links that were automatcially fixed will be in your “Detailed Fix Report” (Pro Plan Only). Please take a look at this article called “Linkmoney App Detailed Fixed Report (All Filters Explained)” to understand more about this report. 
Any links that were not fixed or updated, and still need to be fixed, will be in your reports. See at the top of this guide. Each report guide has a video. 

Audit Metrics

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Audit metrics

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