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LinkMoney App Warnings Report (All Filters Explained)

Linkmoney App Warning Report

The Linkmoney App Warning Report is all the links found that are unexpected and potentially unsafe. An example would be and internal link in your content that goes to your WordPress admin login. 

This post covers the details of what the Linkmoney App Warning Report detects and reports. The Warning Report will not be generated until you create an account, purchase a plan, and run Linkmoney App.  You can view the Linkmoney App first-time starters guide here to see how to get Linkmoney App up and running for the first time.

The Linkmoney App Warnings Report shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site. This is a great place to start working through any warnings we found on your site.

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What Reports Does Linkmoney App Generate?

Linkmoney App has four main reports, Each report has its own tables which can be sorted and filtered.

Linkmoney App Dashboard

The Dashboard tracks, gathers, and displays all of your Amazon Affiliate link information and metrics.

Linkmoney App Warning Report

The App Warnings Report shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site.

Linkmoney App Non-Product Link Report

The Non-Product Link Report is specific to the Amazon Product links on your site that are not going to products or have an error. 

Linkmoney App Product Report

The Product link Report shows every “unique” link to discovered during the last scan and details any errors or issues with your Amazon Affiliate links..

Linkmoney App Detailed Report

The Detailed Report is a detailed view of all the updates made to your Amazon Affiliate links for the last time you ran a scan.

 How do I get to the Linkmoney App Warning Report?

  1. Log into your Linkmoney App Dashboard, you can do this either by clicking this link here, or go to and click the Login button in the upper-right part of the Linkmoney App Home Page.

The Linkmoney App Login Button is in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page

2. In the upper right corner of the Linkmoney App dashboard you will see your email, your picture (if you chose one), and a drop-down box. Click the drop-down box and then click Dashboard. If you would like to see what the Linkmoney App dashboard does and what it is, click here.

This is how to get to the Linkmoney App dashboard.

3. On the Dashboard you will see a dropdown box with all of your scans.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with no scans selected

A. Select and click the dropdown box and a list of all your scans will show. To the left of the select a report scan dropdown box, you will see how many scans you have saved.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with with scan selected
Linkmoney App scans are saved in date chronological order

Linkmoney App saves your previous scans for your records and history.

B. Once you select a scan, you will be taken to your Linkmoney App Dashboard for that scan.

4. In the Linkmoney App dashboard, look for the View Scan Reports Section and click “Warning Report” and click it.

In the Linkmoney App Dashboard, click to view the Warning Report


What is the Linkmoney App Warning Report?

The Linkmoney App Warning Report shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site. Examples can include: links directly to an unstyled image, links to dashboard pages, links to edit posts, or even WordPress login links.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Warning report with the filters shown

How to read and use the Linkmoney App Warning Report

There are 2 main fields in the Warning Report:

Type– This field is what type of warning Linkmoney has detected.

Description– This field shows the details of the warning.

How to sort fields in the Warning Report

Within the Type field, you will see the field filter icon. If you click the icon, you can see the different Warnings detected. Click what you would like to filter.

Linkmoney App Field Filter Icon
Linkmoney App Field Filter Icon

This is the Waning Type in the Linkmoney App Warning Report

Within the Description field, you will see the field filter icon. If you click the icon, you can do searches for specific warnings you would like to look for. For instance, if you would like to look for specific ASIN’s, URL slugs, plugins,r really anything that is in the Warning Report. This gives you a way to drill down into the report.

This is the field filter for the warning description in the Linkmoney App Warning

How do I select and use the Linkmoney App filters?

You will see a set of filters about the table in the Linkmoney App Warning Report next to “quick look”. You can easily sort through the filters by clicking on each of the pills. If you have any issues withing those filters, they will display in the table below them.

This is an image of the Linkmoney App filters

How do I clear the Linkmoney App filters?

If you click the “clear filters” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Warning report, all the field filters will be cleared.

You can clear the filters in the Linkmoney App Non-Product Link Report by clicking the "clear filters" icon

What Warnings does Linkmoney App detect?

Redirect error – 

We processed a link on that page that was actually a redirect. When linkmoney app looked up where the redirect goes to – it encountered an error. These could be any of a few things. The error message in the report will show details if they are available (depends on what went wrong – see below)

  • Redirected to a 404/500 or other error page – maybe a missing product or a page/post that was deleted etc.
  • Redirected to a forbidden part of the site (like to something behind a login/password wall)
  • Redirect was a bad link (mostly when a shortcode was expanded to something that is not a valid link. Perhaps a typo or similar error)
  • Redirect was broken on the webserver (i.e. the site redirected a slug but did it wrong in the .htaccess or rewrite rules or wherever – depends on the web host)
  • Redirect was forbidden on your webserver (some sites can disallow certain redirects). Also some sites disallow redirects from external sites too (not typical though)
  • Also if there is a redirect loop where you redirect to some link that is also a redirect and so-on. Link Money app will bail after 5 levels of redirection.
  • Lastly you may have redirected to a page that has some kind of WordPress error.  
Amazon 404 error with Meet the dogs of Amazon
Linkmoney App detects 404 errors.

How Linkmoney App distinguishes errors

LinkMoney App cannot generally distinguish many of these kinds of errors – the error messages depend on the web server and the precise circumstance of the redirect error. The human-readable error messages given from the webserver are appended to the report output with the tag “redirect”.

Unsupported Links- 

The link that LinkMoney App attempted to process was not found within the HTML (i.e. the text tab of the post editor) in the WordPress post. 

This generally happens because that link is managed by a different WordPress plugin that LinkMoney App is unable to automatically fix. These can include existing affiliate link management services such as (GeniusLink), EasyAzon, AAWP, etc. 

This warning is also produced when LinkMoney App detects the link is not directly in an HTML element in the post and therefore is likely in some other kind of shortcode like AmilinksPro, TablePress, etc.  

LinkMoney App will only automatically fix a specific set of supported plugins (todo: AmiLinks Pro) as well as links that are found directly in the post content in an element. 

For example, LinkMoney App does detect links such as [awesomeplugin link=''] but if it is not a specifically supported plugin or shortcode, it cannot automatically be fixed since the syntax of shortcodes vary widely between these plugin authors and there are thousands of different plugins.


 LinkMoney App has detected that a link has what is called the “navigation fragment” within it. This means the link has # within the link – generally at the end. This is often used by javascript libraries to manipulate buttons or other links. 

It is also often used to get an “anchor” link to some sub section of a page such as: or similar.

Generally speaking these should not be required to link over to an amazon product listing. Using custom javascript libraries or custom buttons can hide or add these unnecessary characters to your link as well as make it difficult to maintain. 

Secondly, you might be attempting to link to some sub-head or other region of an amazon product page which should probably be avoided. 

The product information at the top of the page should be the target of your link – which does not require any anchor.


These are links that link to an Amazon store outside the United States. If you do not have an Amazon account in another country and you link to that Amazon store, this will result in you not earning your Amazon Commission.


LinkMoney App will warn you when it detects irregularities in the text of your link. The vast majority of links should appear in your post editor / HTML exactly as they appear in the address bar of a browser. 

However, it is possible to cut & paste links from the visual mode of the WordPress editor or from other sources that may have encoded that text to be “HTML safe”. 

This replaces certain characters / symbols with codes and other HTML escape sequences and is unnecessary for web links. As an example:
could become

Note that typically you can notice when the character & is replaced with & and there can even be other characters replaced with hex codes like - or similar results. 

It also can lead to proof-reading errors as these encoded links are difficult to read. Note in the case above, LinkMoney App would fix the link to read simply: `

No Affiliate- 

These are links that are missing an Amazon Affiliate store tag. Amazon links with no store tag will result in you not earning your Amazon Commission.

How do I use the Linkmoney App Warning Report?

The Linkmoney App Warning Report is designed to give you warnings of issues you may want to fix or ignore. We built the Warning report because we are Niche Website Publishers too.  Linkmoney Some examples are:

  1. Do you have random links that are going to your WordPress login or a User?
  2. Are there unsupported short links on your site that need to be fixed?
  3. Do you have links that go to images instead of going to Amazon?

Go through this report carefully to ensure every link on your Affiliate Site does what you want it to.

How do I download the Linkmoney App Warning Report CSV?

Downloading Linkmoney App CSV reports is easy. In the upper right corner of each report is an “Export as CSV” button.

Click the Download CSV File button and a download begins.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Unrecognized Report
This Download as CSV button is located at the top right corner of each report.
This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App download CSV file button
Clicking the Download CSV file button starts the download of the report file.

Go to where you download files or your computer’s Download File and open the report.

You can read more about downloading and using CSV reports here “Linkmoney App, How To Download The CSV File (Manual and Pro Plan)“.

Charles Joyner

Charles Joyner

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