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Best Affiliate Link Checker (#1 Solution)

It is a good idea to check your Amazon Affiliate Links to ensure you are getting your referral commissions. There are many reasons an Amazon Affiliate link needs to be checked from time to time. The biggest one is to make sure you are earning your Amazon Commission.

If your Amazon Affiliate links are not formatted correctly, are broken, or missing your Amazon Associate ID, have the incorrect associate ID, or Tracking Code (This is also called Amazon Store code and Preferred Associates ID), you will not be credited for the referral and not get your Amazon Commission.

Note: The Amazon Affiliate Link on your website can click successfully to Amazon and still be broken.

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How do I check my Amazon Affiliate links?

There are two main ways to check your affiliate links. Both of these methods will let you know if your affiliate links have any issues. But only one of them will automatically fix your issues.

    1. Use the Amazon Link Checker.
    2. Use Linkmoney App to check and automatically fix your affiliate links. (Best way)

Amazon Link Checker

Amazon provides a free tool for their Amazon Associate members to check their Amazon Affiliate links for errors.

How does the Amazon Link Checker Work?

To check a single affiliate link,  copy an affiliate link you would link to check, go to the Amazon Link Checker, and paste the link into the link field.

Example of the Amazon Link Checker

This is the Amazon Affiliate Link Checker empty

If the Amazon Affiliate link is good, you will a “Success” message.

This is the Amazon Affiliate Link Checker with a "success" affiliate link

If the Amazon Affiliate link is not good, you will see a “Fail” message.

This is the Amazon Affiliate Link Checker with a "failed" affiliate link

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Link Checker

Pros of the Amazon Link Checker

  1. Simply copy and paste any Amazon Affiliate link into the Amazon Affiliate Link Checker and you will get an immediate success or fail of the affiliate link.
  2. Checks for your Amazon Store ID and malformed link structure.
  3. It is provided by Amazon free of charge.

Cons of the Amazon Link Checker

  1. Amazon Link Checker checks one single Amazon Affiliate Link at a time.
  2. Amazon Affiliate websites have thousands of Amazon Affiliate links on their sites.
  3. You will need to manually copy and paste the affiliate link into the Amazon Link Checker.
  4. The Amazon Link Checker will not fix the Amazon Affiliate link. It just gives a success or fail message.
  5. The Amazon Link Checker doesn’t provide much information on what was wrong with the affiliate link.

Linkmoney App Amazon Affiliate Link Checker and Fixer

Linkmoney App was designed with Amazon Affiliate Publishers in mind. As mentioned in the Cons section of the Amazon Link Checker, checking one link at a time, not fixing the affiliate link, and not explaining the problem(s) with your links, does not do much for the Amazon Affiliate Publisher.

Linkmoney will find, fix, and replace your Amazon Affiliate links on your entire website in one complete cycle.

Linkmoney App also gives you an Amazon Affialtie link audit on every affiliate link on your site. This way you know and understand what the issues are on your affiliate site.

How does Linkmoney App work?

    1. Linkmoney App will scan your entire website and find every Amazon Affialtie Link.
    2. Then it runs every one of those links through our Amazon Affiliate Link Checker to look for errors.
    3. After Linkmoney App finds the errors, it reports and automatically fixes your Amazon Affiliate links.
    4. Some affiliate link errors will require manual attention. Linkmoney App will report these types of manual issues to you in the Linkmoney App reports.

What kind of reports does Linkmoney App create?

Linkmoney App has a dashboard for each time you run the system. You can get your Linkmoney App Reports from your Dashboard.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard

Warnings Report- This shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Warning report with the filters shown

Non-Product Link Report– View a report about links to products that may be going instead to product searches, help pages, or even missing an ASIN.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Non-Product Link

Product Link Report- View a report about links to that may be product searches, help pages, or even missing an ASIN.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Non-Product Link

Detailed Fix Report– View a detailed look at the updates made to your affiliate links. (Pro Only)

Clicking on any of the filters in the Detailed Fix Report will sort out you Amazon Affialite link errors

Pros and Cons of Linkmoney App Affialite Link Checker

Pros of Linkmoney App

  1. Linkmoney App will do all the work for you. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes for regular-sized sites and around 15 minutes to scan a site with 2,000 posts. We have even scanned sites with 1,000,000 links!
  2. Linkmoney App saves you money, period. No need for a team to go through all of your affiliate links- or you for that matter.
  3. Linkmoney separates internal and external links from Amazon Affiliate links and does an affiliate link audit.
  4. Linkmoney App makes you more money, period. because your Amazon Affiliate site already has traffic, by fixing your affiliate links, you make more affiliate revenue the moment Linkmoney App is finished.
  5. Linkmoney App will tell you every issue your Amazon Affiliate links have, or had. The reports are very detailed. By knowing the issues, you can stop the errors from happening in the first place.
  6. Linkmoney App will give you a list of all of your Amazon Associate Store Codes on your site. Are all the store codes on your site- yours? If not, you will not earn the Amazon Commission for the referral. whos every code is on your site will.
  7. Linkmoney App will also let you know, and automatically fix any Amazon Affiliate links with missing Store Codes. If your affiliate links are missing the Amazon Store ID, you will not receive your Amazon Commission.

Cons of Linkmoney App

  1. It’s not free. Linkmoney App Pro Pricing runs between $100-$500 per site license. However, to get a team just to check every single affiliate link on your site would cost far more than this. Then, of course, you need to fix all of the affiliate links that Failed the Amazon Link Checker Test.
  2. That’s the only con because once your affiliate links are fixed, you are making the most revenue from our website traffic and this can easily pay for the cost of the license.

Why is it better to use the Linkmoney App Affiliate Link Checker?

Linkmoney App is more than an Amazon Affiliate Link Checker, it also automatically fixes your affiliate links too.

If you need to check one single Amazon Affiliate link, then the Amazon Link Checker will work perfectly for you. You can check the affiliate link, then go to the post where the link is and replace it with a healthy affiliate link.

Linkmoney App has scanned 1,000’s of Amazon Affiliate sites. Out of a thousand sites, there might be one website that has no affiliate link errors. It is beyond rare to not have Amazon Affiliate Link errors that are losing you money. Many sites have thousands of errors.

What kind of Amazon Affiliate link errors and issues does Linkmoney App find?

The list of errors and issues Linkmoney App detects is huge. Here is an article called “Linkmoney App Reports Link Errors” to take a look at the different errors that are detected each time you run the system.

How will checking and fixing my Amazon Affiliate Links with Linkmoney App make me more revenue now, as claimed?

When you check and fix all the broken and or bad affiliate links on your website, the moment that is done, you make more revenue. Linkmoney App does this automatically in a few minutes and the Amazon Link Checker is one link at a time.

Amazon Affiliate Website Publishers place thousands of affiliate links on the site. Here is a table that shows some averages of Amazon Affiliate links on affiliate sites.

Website postsLinks in postNumber of links on your site

If your affiliate site has 10% of bad links, and some have much more, those who come to your website through Google Search are going to click on those bad links. As mentioned earlier in this post, the Amazon Affiliate link can click to Amazon just fine, and you will not know if you are getting the referral commission unless you actually check the link for errors.

Both Linkmoney App and the Amazon Affiliate Link Checker do this, except Linkmoney App will automatically fix all the problems for you at the same time, tell you what was wrong, and report all other issues it finds.

The Amazon Link Checker just looks at one link at a time and you still need to fix the affiliate link.

Using Linkmoney App to check and fix your Amazon Affiliate links, saves you a huge amount of time

Just fixing a single post with affiliate errors can take a lot of time.

Most of us are not Amazon Affiliate link code experts.  You can not just look at a link and know if it works or not. Your affiliate links need to be checked.

Action per articleTime per task
Look at the article to find links.1 minute
Examine and click each link to see where it goes (10 links).4 minutes per article
Document which links have issues (average 3 issues per article).3 minutes (if you are fast)
Time it takes to examine and document Amazon Affiliate links for one article.7 minutes

To know if all of your Amazon Affiliate links are earning you Amazon Commissions, you need to check your affiliate links

There is only one way to know if your Amazon Affiliate Website is earning you the most revenue from your website traffic, you need to check your affiliate links.

We have made checking and fixing all of your affiliate links as easy as a few clicks. Plus we gave you the manual solution of using the Amazon Affiliate Link checker.

It is up to you, but you need to know if all of your affiliate links are making you money.

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Linkmoney App can also convert all of your Amazon “” short links into standard Amazon Affiliate links. To learn how to do this automatically, here is an article called “How to convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate links” that explains it.





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