Linkmoney App Expanded Links Explained(convert short links to regular links)

Linkmoney App “expands” product short links, or converts short links into full URL links. We call these Expanded Links. We do this because short links are shortened URL’s that come from full URL’s. In order to check if there are any errors in the link, we need to expand the link.

Where can I find my Linkmoney App expanded links?

  1. Log in and go to your Linkmoney App Dashboard.
  2. Choose a report from the Available Reports dropdown box.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard Available reports, report selected

3. Look to the “View Scan Reports”  box and choose the report “Non-Product Report”.

This is the Available Scan Reports Section with the Non-Product Link Report selected


4. Click on the “expanded” pill.

You can see your expanded links by going to the Non-product Report and clicking the "expanded" filter


All of your expanded links will be displayed in the Non-Product Report table

Now you can see the original contents of the link that was shortened by your shortcode generator.

  1. The “Page” field is the URL the shortlink is in.
  2. The “Link”  field is the shortlink.
  3. The “Tag” field is the description of the link problem.

See all your shortlinks in the Product Link Report

You can also click the Product Link Report under the “shortlinks” pill to see all the shortlinks on your site and what articles they are in.

To see all the short links, click on the "shortlink" filter in the Linkmoney App Product Report


To read more on what  a short link is, see this article called “What Short Links and Shortcode Does Linkmoney App Support (And Which Ones It Doesn’t)?

What links does Linkmoney App expand?

Linkmoney App currently supports expanding, (the older version of links) and links. This list will grow as we grow, so please check back here for an updated list.

How do affiliate links get turned into short links?

Short links are URL’sS that are shortened into smaller URL’s. Sometimes website URL’s are long and contain lots of queries. Short link generators are used to make those long URL’s into small, short URL links.

Example of a link shortener

This is an example how how a short link generator shortens links

What are and links? is the link shortener that uses to shorten links. The links look very much like links because this is who hosts the link shortener. links are the older version of the links.

Many Amazon Affiliate sites still have these older links still on their sites. Linkmoney App can find, expand, convert and fix these links into optimized full-length Amazon Product links.

Does Linkmoney App automatically shorten links?

Not automatically, but Linkmoney App can if you choose to.  To learn how Linkmoney App can expand links into standard product links take a look at this post called “How to convert links into standard Amazon Affiliate links“.

Why would I choose to expand links?

Many Amazon Affialitie publishers used the links because of the benefit of a much prettier URL. However, because the link is shortened, the Amazon product code is no longer visible and it makes it very difficult to see the full Amazon URL.

Today, almost every Amazon Affiliate link is behind text, an image, or a button. Very rarely will you see an exposed link, like we did in the early days between 2012 and 2017.

Examples of Amazon product links behind pictures alt-texted links, and buttons

Amazon product links are used in text, images and buttons
Putting Amazon links behind pictures, alt texted links, and buttons look better for the reader

Do I need short links for all my Amazon Affiliate links?

No. Today, almost every Amazon Affiliate link is behind alt-text, an image, or a button. Very rarely will you see an exposed link, like we did in the early days between 2012 and 2017.

Short link generators can provide some great analytics to their links, but there are so many other ways these days to get great analytics from your affiliate links.

A great place to use a short link is if you are going to expose the link instead of putting it behind alt-text links, pictures, and buttons.

Example of an exposed short link

Short links can be used in paragraphs, emails, and more

Will Linkmoney App automatically covert my AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate Product links?

Yes. To see how Linkmoney App converts your AMZN.TO links (and others) into standard Amazon Affiliate Product links, please read this article called “How to convert AMZN.TO links into standard Amazon Affiliate links” here.


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