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What is Linkmoney App?

Hello, my name’s Charles Joyner, and this is my first video. It might be my first video ever. Uh, actually I did something I could recently with, uh, Brian over at human proof designs, but that definitely was my first video.

So I’m, I just made a product called Linkmoney App, and it’s a very powerful tool for the niche, Amazon affiliate sites and there’s thousands and thousands of those.

I am a niche affiliate, publisher, uh, own sites. I operate sites. And in that journey, I realized that the world needs linked yet.

And I kind of want to go through basically what it is, show you how it works and then get into, you know, why we made it and why it’s powerful and, and, and why you need it.

So first is every site has every Amazon affiliate niche site has Amazon affiliate links and it, it could be, and most sites have not only hundreds, but thousands or 10 thousands, uh, hundreds of thousands.

Uh, the site we, we, we, the, the biggest site we’ve ran so far has 974,000 affiliate links. That’s huge. And in that, I realized that, uh, as I’m going through, uh, these sites and I’m, uh, checking my affiliate links and so forth, I realized that these links go bad.

These links could be bad. Uh, many of these links could have the wrong store code. Uh, also if you buy a site, um, there could be several different links on that site that you don’t know about that aren’t your store codes.

Um, and I’ve noticed that, uh, the only way you’re gonna be able to know what store codes and what’s on there is if you actually run it.

Um, and the second part is that is once you have all that information, what do you do with it? Uh, and I’m gonna get into that and see why Linkmoney App is the only way to fix your affiliate links.

Um, so I created this, uh, site here. Um, it’s not index and it’s got Lauren IPSON text on it and so forth, but it’s a, uh, typical WordPress site that I built, uh, to show the exam show how Linkmoney App works.

Um, so there are products out there that you can download all your links into a spreadsheet, and then, uh, check each one of those links and see if they’re they’re working or they’re correct.

Um, and, um, that’s huge and it takes forever. And I’ll get into that in a minute. Uh, but Linkmoney App is gonna go, goes into your site.

It looks at all of your affiliate links. It runs ’em through our AI, our process to check them right, and then it fixes them and puts ’em back.

And so I’ve made a few posts here for, for instance, this one, right here, it does regular posts. It does buttons, uh, tables, table, press tables.

Um, and in this example here, and, and I’ll, I’ll show you the before and after, but here’s your typical button.

If you can look down there at the very bottom, it says, uh, Amazon Osprey, whatever the lower one is a short link, Amazon short link, uh, this, this first page, uh, or the first table here is nothing but Amazon short links.

And the second table is, uh, Amazon links with store tags on ’em. All right. So, uh, that that’s one page.

I also have your typical, uh, Amazon looking post, you know, where you got your link in the header, a picture and a check price button.

Uh, this site was built and designed to show you to, to, for me to test on actually originally, but now for me to demo and show you how it works.

So, uh, Linkmoney’s pretty easy to use, and it’s really powerful. Um, and I’m a, I’m gonna get into in different articles, kind of the really kind of deeper cooler things.

If you don’t have an Amazon affiliate site, this is probably not, obviously not the product for you, but if, if you make money from Amazon and this is how you make your money or some money, right.

You’ll wanna watch this. Um, so basically I can go into, um, the site, um, or this license page that I, I have it’s, it’s in licenses.

Once you’ve paid, you’ve gone on board. You can, you can put whatever store code you want here. Um, and I hear, I have my very, my first YouTube, um, it’s my store code that I want on every one of these links on the side.

If you look down here close, you’ll see this one has a DIY shareable zero, zero. This one has that two.

And, and so on, right? I think this other one we had, uh, with tables, it had, um, it has, uh, PF, these are all real links has a PF home 20 and so forth.

So what I wanna do is I wanna make sure every one of the affiliate links on my site are the right code.

Um, and as, as you know, there’s, there’s things like search and replace. If you know, a store code and you wanna add a new one, this is typical from sites that buy and sell website affiliate websites.

It will go find those and replace those, but it doesn’t find all of them. And in the, uh, I think we’re now at 400 sites that we scan and ran right.

There is not a single site ever that doesn’t have multiple store codes all over it that have major problems, not one.

Um, so I’m, I’m, these are all real links that I have on the site that I pulled from scans, uh, to, to get, give you the, to show you the power of Linkmoney.

So here I’ve got, um, the store code I want to use. Um, also some people they might have, uh, we tags like spring sale, Um, spring sale, 2020, you can make your own store tags, uh, on, uh, Amazon and I, and a later article, I’ll get into that, but this, this, this box here will save those so they don’t get changed.

So if you wanna leave those, it’s gonna report on ’em report. It’s gonna report all of them, but it won’t change them.

If you don’t put anything here, every link will become this right here. So most people have one single store code, Amazon store code that they want to use.

Uh, but if you have several or one or three, you just put ’em here and, and it skips over them.

Doesn’t it doesn’t change them. Still fixes your links still does all sorts of things to it, but it won’t change your store code.

Um, this one right here, this box here is called expand short links. So again, when we get back into here, we see, um, the Amazon to links that there there’s a lot of these out there.

Um, what it, what it will do is it will expand those links, look at them, check them, right. Make sure the store, right, right.

Store codes in there. Uh, again, if you had a search and replace, you can never fix, uh, an am ZT O link, uh, automatically.

It just won’t do it because the link is shortened. Well, it’ll expand those and put the right code in there.

Um, also clean up links. These are these gigantic links. Uh, you know, it’s got, you know, 15 inches of text on some of these links.

It’ll clean that up and shorten it real nice and pretty. Um, and then also if you have table press, it’ll go through your entire table, press, uh, all of ’em and fix them, uh, that’s table press.

That was particularly hard to do because table press is a short and, uh, all those links are inside that short, but we did it.

So, uh, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m now gonna, I’m gonna run a scan. Um, and basically we have a plugin plugin’s pretty simple.

You got every key and so forth to work all the work done off site. So it’s secure it’s in the cloud.

Uh, and I’m gonna start this process now. And this particular site’s, uh, pretty small, right? I think it’s, uh, 30, 40 pages, something like that.

And, uh, a typical site with a thousand pages might be three minutes. Um, if you don’t have a fast, uh, site, I mean, you don’t have fast servers.

It could take longer. I think the one that we had, uh, that did at check 974,000 links, I think it took about 40 minutes, uh, to do that.

So it’s pretty fast. Um, but it still has to go through and, and do its thing and look through everything and find them all.

Uh, I think we’re, we’re on 30 seconds, 35 seconds. It just finished right here. So now I’m gonna go back to my dashboard and I’m gonna look at the scan that just happened, and it’s gonna be right here.

The one I just did now, here’s your dashboard. Um, so it’s telling me everything that’s, um, that it found on the side, cause this is a very important page right here.

Again, I’ll do articles in this later. I’m gonna kind of zoom through this for now. It’s my first video. Um, so my, my, my, uh, uh, affiliate tag on every single page is right now is my first YouTube 20.

Um, but what it found is it found no tags on three links. Um, it found all these other tags on the site.

And again, if you were using search or replace or any other tool, it wouldn’t even know to look for these.

Um, and I, we have sites that we’ve scanned that just have, you know, it it’s, it’s 20 inches of store codes on there that, that the owner would never even know they, they had those on the site.

Um, so the red is typically bad news. Um, so, uh, there’s no store tags on this one. That’s bad news.

Um, sometimes just because of, and I’ll get into it later on a different, a video, but the store CAS get doubled up.

That can be a tool they’re using. It could be some reason, some human error or something like that that caused that.

Also since this is a.com, these are Amazon dot coms. It’s telling you, Hey, you’ve got some outof country ones on there that might be fine.

Uh, but we let you know, they’re outta country because sometimes as we have contractors, that right content are work on our sites, I certainly do.

They can accidentally get the wrong, uh, Amazon, uh, uh, uh, country in there for a number of reasons. Uh, again, I’ll get into that later, but it’s good to know that you have these on this, on the site and Linkmoney, uh, app will, will change those to the correct, uh, cut code.

Um, and then, you know, this is a real one right here. Somebody had a store tag for work, something, something tower family, remote control was used on one link.

That’s a real link that we found. Somebody had that as a store code, it just happens. These errors happen. Um, and also in here, we have a detailed report.

This is everything. The report is everything that Linkmoney fixed. So your, your, your, your initial, um, link was a short code.

It expanded it, and it put my first YouTube on there. And you, you can kind of, um, uh, separate these.

These are all the short codes that it converted over, right? So if we go back to the, uh, the site, uh, and look, um, if you look, if you look now down here at the very bottom of my picture, it says my first YouTube 20, these were all short codes, right?

Changed them over all of these, right? All of these down here inside the table, right. Are all changed over. Now.

I have one store code on my site now, um, if I look into, uh, here, here’s your, again, your typical, uh, looking Amazon, uh, affiliate site.

Um, it’s now got my first look down at the bottom there. My first YouTube 20, it changed all these and all of these on here.

Um, if you look down there, I changed all the links over, um, if it has, um, uh, no affiliate tags, right?

It, it will have changed all of those over, see, it’s got my th this one this before, before the scan, this had no affiliate tag on it, and now it’s got it there.

Um, so, um, and link Linkmoney will, uh, product links will this just every product link you have on your site.

It’ll, it’ll give you, um, the, uh, slug, the URL and slug, and this is what it was before, right. And detailed report is what it was after.

Um, then we have morning reports, uh, morning reports are kind of those catchall things, um, that you really, um, you’ll never know you have these things.

It could be an am, be real specific. These are strange things. This is not your internal, external, uh, link fixer or anything like that.

Like link whisper or nothing like that. This is, um, you have a product for perhaps, and it’s a product you it’s supposed to be a product Amazon product, but it goes to a, it goes to a WordPress login, or it goes to an end somewhere or somewhere, somewhere.

It’s not supposed to go. We catch that again. This, this was built by me, someone who does this all the time, and it’s very specific to the money links on your site, the link, money, uh, links.

So there’s other products that, that will check for broken links. I have to use SIM rush, um, and link whisper, uh, the great products.

Um, but this is particularly for your affiliate links. Uh, so it, it, it will, it will find the, uh, um, problem links and fix ’em or let you know, they need to be fixed if there’s something crazy and I’ll show you what crazy looks like.

Um, so, um, non-product links are links. They’re supposed to go to a product, but they’re not going to a product.

And that could be like, if you look at this one here, this is search. It’s going to a search. You very well may have intended to go to a search.

Um, but if you notice this first one, slant S it has no affiliate tag on it whatsoever. Right. So, um, and we actually will stick those on there in some CA in most cases, um, it can be going to Alexa, it can be going to help, right?

Like you have a product, and you’re saying, this is the new backpack, but it’s going to a help page. These, these accidents happen.

And usually over time, and it’s, they’re very difficult to detect. Um, and so I could have no affiliate. So this is all the before and the, the, after is, uh, the detailed report.

And so what you can do is now, uh, so as all these things and it, and it saves these scans, cuz you, you may wanna know why does, how, how did this get on there and how did that get on there?

How did that get, did somebody put it on there accidentally? Was somebody working on somebody else’s site and, and, and their store code accidentally got on there?

I don’t know, but these definitely happened. There’s not one single report we’ve ran that we haven’t seen this. Uh, it is extremely common.

Um, so, uh, let me go here. So now I I’m actually gonna run it again. Um, just to show you, uh, what a scan looks like that has been, that has no problems.

Um, cuz now it just, it just ran. ’em all it fixed. ’em all. Uh, and now I’ll do it again.

Um, one of the things that I noticed is, is a lot of people have, um, all these links and they don’t know the there’s anything broken with them and yes, they can download ’em by some tools will download ’em, but they won’t fix them.

And the only true way to know if you’re, if your link is, is good or not, is you gotta go to amazon.com.

Right. And they have a link checker in there, right. Is to slap it right here. Right. So if you got 11,000, 14,000, 20,000 links, they’re really, it’s just, there’s just no way, uh, that a human being can do that.

And I’ll get into that in a minute. I wanted to get into kind of show you how it works and then get into kind more the details, uh, in a minute.

So, uh, you can imagine getting a team together and trying to find out all, all these, uh, uh, broken links.

So it’s at 46 seconds. There we go, 51 seconds that time. Fine. Um, and I’ll go back to my dashboard and I will look at that scan and now it says, Hey, all the tags are used.

Correct. Now it did find these weird one right here. This is a unique one. Right? So it didn’t, uh, have any errors or fix any, but this one’s kind of strange.

You can look at it. Um, it has multiple, um, DIY shareables in there, see it’s DIY shareable 20 and it goes here, which is the right tag, right?

This is actually incorrectly done. So you might need to go in and, and we’ll tell you where it’s at and you might need to manually fix that, go find that link and manually fix it.

But all the other links are fixed. So we’ll tell you the things that we go, we don’t want to touch that.

Uh, you might want to check that. Um, but everything else, um, it’s fixed. So if we go into, um, let’s go back here.

If we go into the, the previous. So here here’s the current scan we just did. And if we go to the other one, so other rewarding report had 80, 89, uh, errors, the first scan that it fixed and or found.

And so it fixed 40 something of those, uh, errors that it found. Right? And again, these warning reports, you gotta look at ’em, they’re just weird.

Um, again, they could have extra Java script that you’re gonna have to fix. This is not a link. So Linkmoney.

Doesn’t know what you meant by this. We’re just telling you, Hey, you got a weird one here and it’s on this page right here.

You need to go look at it. Right. And then, uh, again, all the non products, uh, a big one that we see is, um, um, these searches without, without a, as I NS.

So it doesn’t know, doesn’t know what you’re trying to do with this search. We found them, you know, someone has, uh, a new stove, right?

And it goes to a search. That’s just a general search in Amazon. I missed alerting you on that. Maybe you intend to do to do that.

Right. But, uh, you don’t need to look at it if, if it’s no big deal, leave it there. But generally when a lot of times when you see something, this big there’s a problem.

Um, and if you look at, um, if you go back to, uh, let’s see our, um, these JavaScript errors, again, these monster size things, um, and invalid, look at this thing.

These are, this is a real link right here. It’s telling you, Hey, on this page, you got this, this link here and it’s completely broke.

Okay. So that’s that. So now you have an idea of how Linkmoney works. Let me kind of get into why we made it and, and what, what led us down this path.

Um, so again, I’m a, a publisher I’ve been doing this for a while. I listened to a lot of great people that talk about this.

A lot of people I’ve bought their courses and I’ve, I’ve listened to them and they’ve got me pretty, pretty good, pretty good head on how all this works.

Right? And so I began to look at my analytics and I started, you know, I’m kind of a nerd and realized how many clicks are going to Amazon?

How many credits am I getting? And I realized that I started putting tags on my, uh, uh, website to kind of track like the clicks and when I’m getting credit for, and they weren’t adding up.

And so I realized that, um, I need to know that all links on my whole site, this was 1100 page site, which ones are actual good, and which ones are actually bad.

And again, that’s when I had got, I put a team together and started going page by page, I use air table and put these big things together.

So if, if, if you use a, a link downloader of some sort that kind of gives it to you in a spreadsheet or whatever, um, I don’t care how you get it, right.

It’s gonna be a gigantic pain because it isn’t amount. It isn’t about getting those links. It’s about fixing those links and then getting them back into the site.

Right. So you’re gonna need, not only to know, uh, all the links on your site, you need to test them and then you need a team to manage right.

This giant task. Right. It’s a, it’s more than just having the links in the spreadsheet. It’s the task of all those people working together.

And then after they’re done the Q and a, did they mess any of them up? Right? Are they all fixed?

How do you really know? Well, AI doesn’t make a mistakes. It’s not gonna put in a zero for an O.

It’s not gonna do, uh, the weird stuff that humans do. It’s actually gonna go in and it’s gonna make those fixes and then publish it in your back.

Just like that. So basically, um, how does I, I have an article here and I’m gonna put this video right here on this page, but it’s called what is Linkmoney app, right.

I’m gonna put this video right here when I’m done is, uh, one of the things that I talk about is, is how does it save you money?

Well, if, um, if you had for here in the first head, get all your post and links into a spreadsheet, um, you could do that by buying something.

You could do that by doing some plugins and getting into a spreadsheet and so forth, um, with, with, with a human, a human being, uh, that could be six hours, right?

It could be, cuz it’s not just taking the links in there. I, I need to know what pages they’re on.

There’s some details. It’s more than just a sum of just saying that it’s actually getting it to be managed, right.

Linkmoney in a few minutes, um, to, and I’ll get into some of these details. You need to check that each one of ’em work.

You need to make sure all the store code, which one store code you have. Again, if you have that in the spreadsheet, you’ll never know which store codes that you’re supposed to have, which ones you’re not supposed to have and which ones have none.

Um, so, uh, basically I’ll come down here to, um, I use air table. So I begin to put this into a giant air table and I have tasks going on and I got my bond views and I got all these people working on it.

And I realize that these people, as they stared at it for a while, the quality of the work began to go off because it it’s, you’re, you’re looking at a link you’re trying to find out what’s wrong with it.

And you gotta go type in the product to go find the actual link and just do that process again, back in there and then get it back into the page and publish it.

It began, it was a nightmare, right? And I knew at that point that the human being version of this is not going to work.

And it’s been a little over a year now. And that’s why I built link. I got a lot of time into this, trying to think it through for people like us that have these niche sites.

How does that make it easy? Right. Um, to check all this, and as you saw, it took 47 seconds for late money to fix this, that, that, that, that demo site.

Um, so again, you’ll, you’ll have a lot of, you know, you get a bunch of links in here into a spreadsheet or a report or something like this, what’s wrong with it.

And really, I think it’s important to know what’s wrong with it. How did that happen? Is somebody making mistakes? If there’s one of your team members, you have a lot of writers or yourself and you’re making a mistake over and over and over again, you won’t know.

Right. It just, um, and, and picture this Amazon, doesn’t call you up and say, Hey, Charles, you’re sending over 4,000 people of data, Amazon, but you, none of the links work and you’re not getting your referral commission, they don’t do that.

It just goes over and you don’t get credit. And again, if it doesn’t pass, Amazon’s, uh, link right here, right.

Uh, then you don’t get paid. We don’t use that by the way, we built our own system that checks that.

Uh, so it isn’t some kind of script where it one by one checks the links, cuz it doesn’t, it’s more about, um, for, for us, it’s more about fixing finding them and then fixing them, um, automatically.

Um, so, uh, one more thing on here. So if, if you have, um, you know, you could been thinking about time.

So, so for Linkmoney, um, it happens in a few seconds in a team. It takes time and, and time is dollars per hour.

I don’t know how much you’re paying them. $5, $10, $15, maybe 30. I don’t know what your team is, but if you have extra people working on your, on your site, every hour they’re working is, is money.

Um, so a site with 200 posts and has 10 links could have 2000, uh, links on their site. And, and look at this right here.

I mean, keep this in mind. Um, it could easily have more than 10 links on the site. This, this right here is a mock up tables and buttons and so forth.

And it probably has 25 links on it. So I’m, I’m just doing some averages here. Uh, 500 page could have 5,000 or 25,000, uh, 1000 or a post could have 10,000 or a hundred thousand.

It just depends on your site. Um, and so it, if, you know, you have all these sites with how many words and, and the reason I put words on there, because these to, to go find, uh, these, um, these links, right.

They’re, they’re just buried in here. Right. And to go find those. So when I say, when I’m talking about words, right, you’re going through a lot of words to find those, uh, uh, those link problems.

You gotta highlight it or you gotta, uh, edit the post and try to find them, uh, Linkmoney, eliminates that.

Um, and then again, you go over to your, uh, Amazon to check, how long does that take? Just to do that, to grab it, check it and go through, how long does that take?

Um, and again, it looks like matrix after a while. Um, so how much time does it take to examine a single post?

Right. Look and find out if, if you’re faster than ever, maybe a minute, right? Um, it’s more than a minute.

It’s probably five or 10 minutes per one, but let’s say you’re the fastest person in town, right. Uh, to, to, to, so if it’s got, it could be four minutes, three minutes, it could, you know, how, how much, how much time does it take to go to Amazon?

Like, it could be several minutes per page. And I kind of did some generalizations here. Right? How long would it to fix 92 hours, 23 hours there?

I, I really it’s more than that, cuz it’s not just them doing the work, their VC’s team, yourself doing the work it’s managing the work and managing that it got done and doing the publishing, getting them fixed.

It’s a lot more than that. Um, so, um, and I put on here, uh, how much time does it take to fix a single Amazon link?

Let’s call it three minutes. Maybe you gotta go find the product and make sure it’s the right product. Do they still have the product?

Right. All these things are go into three minutes if you’re fast. Right? So, um, again, this, this video is kind of designed to kind of give you a peak into, I’m gonna, I’m gonna break all of this thing, this system link, money down, link, money out, down, and I’m gonna break it all down into, um, uh, component by component.

But this is more of here. It is link. Money will make you money. No question about it because if you’ve got broken links, bad links or store codes that aren’t yours right on your site, you’re losing money, but Amazon doesn’t know if it doesn’t have the exact store code where you’re gonna get that referral commission.

If you don’t have that on there, you’re not getting the commission. Right. And there’s no way to find out unless you have something that like Linkmoney that goes through and finds ’em all.

And reports it again on, on, um, on this one here, um, the scan that shows all the problems, this, this, these are real links, it’s a small site, but uh, there could literally, this is, you know, 1800 links.

It could be hundreds of thousands of links in your site. Right. And it could be many, many, many posts. Right.

Uh, so that in a nutshell is what we built. Uh, I plan on, uh, rolling this out. Uh, I’m gonna put this video up my first video.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and I will definitely break all of this down each report, the dashboard, all the things that it does, uh, in upcoming videos.

So thank you for watching. I appreciate.

Charles Joyner

Charles Joyner

Hello, I am a fellow Niche Website Publisher. Like you, I’m always looking to earn the most revenue I can from Amazon Affiliate websites. We created Linkmoney App so we all could earn more revenue from our hard work and time publishing and operating affiliate websites. I love all things SEO and Publishing! Software nerd since 1998. Leave me a “whoot!” in the comments if you read the article, and please comment on what would make it better. Thank you!

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