Linkmoney App, How To Download The Excel File

Linkmoney App fixes your Amazon Affiliate Links automatically and it also creates a downloadable Excel file of your complete Linkmoney Reports.

In order to download and view the Linkmoney App downloadable Excel reports, you will need to create a Linkmoney App account. You can view the Linkmoney App first-time starters guide here to see how to get Linkmoney App up and running for the first time.


How do I find the Linkmoney App Downloadable Excel File?

  1. After creating an account, running a scan, and logging into Linkmoney App, head to your Linkmoney App Dashboard.
The Linkmoney App Login Button is in the upper right hand corner of the Home Page
Log into your Linkmoney App account by clicking “Login from the Linkmoney App home page.

2. In the upper right corner of the Linkmoney App dashboard you will see your email, your picture (if you chose one), and a drop-down box. Click the drop-down box and then click Dashboard. If you would like to see what the Linkmoney App dashboard does and what it is, click here.

This is how to get to the Linkmoney App dashboard.
Click “Dashboard: to go to the Linkmoney App dashboard

3. On the Dashboard you will see a dropdown box with all of your scans.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with no scans selected

A. Select and click the dropdown box and a list of all your scans will show. To the left of the select a report scan dropdown box, you will see how many scans you have saved.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App scan dropdown box with with scan selected
Linkmoney App scans are saved in date chronological order

Linkmoney App saves your previous scans for your records and history.

B. Once you select a scan, you will be taken to your Linkmoney App Dashboard for that scan.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Dashboard


C. Click on any report.

D. This example shows the “Product Report”.

Click on the "export to Excel" button to download your Linkmoney App reports


Click the Download Excell File button and a download begins.

Clock the "Export to Excel" button to begin downloading your reports

E. Go to where you download files or your computer’s Download File and open the report.

What Reports Does Linkmoney App Generate?

Linkmoney App has four main reports, Each report has its own tables which can be sorted and filtered.

Warnings Report- This shows unexpected or potential link problems found on your site.

Non-Product Link Report– View a report about links to products that may be going instead to product searches, help pages, or even missing an ASIN.

Product Link Report- View a report about links to that may be product searches, help pages, or even missing an ASIN.

Detailed Fix Report– View a detailed look at the updates made to your affiliate links.

How do I read and use the Linkmoney App Excel file report?

The Linkmoney App Excel report will be specific to each of the 4 reports.

  1. Open the report you downloaded. It will look like this:
This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App downloadable CSV report
Linkmoney App downloadable Excel “Warnings Report”

2. Stretch the columns out so you are able to see the fields.

This is a screenshot of the Linkmoney App Warning Report in a downloadable CSV format with the columns streched

3. Go through the issues and make the manual suggested updates.

Can I use the Linkmoney App dashboard to make the updates and fixes to my links?

Yes, the Linkmoney App downloadable reports match what you see in your online dashboard. I find it easier to use the online Linkmoney App Reports than using am Excel file.

With the Linkmoney App Pro plan, you can run Linkmoney App to automatically update your Amazon Affiliate links, make the suggested manual updates, and then run the scan again.

The Linkmoney App Manual Plan is a one-time scan. But you still have access to the Online Dashboard.

Here is a screenshot of both reports side by side:

This is a acreenshot of the Linkmoney App online dashboard and the Downloadable CSV report side by side



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