About LinkMoney

You put in your time and money to make a great niche Amazon affiliate website.

LinkMoney will Help You Get The most revenue out of it

I'm an Amazon Affilate Publisher too

As a Niche publisher, I have 1,000s of Amazon Affiliate Links on my WordPress Affiliate sites.

Finding and Fixing the links that make me money was never ending. I knew if I could develop an automated way to fix them and keep them all working, I would make more money to grow- and have peace of mind.

So I built LinkMoney. It worked so well, I want to share it with you.

-Charles Joyner

Are All Your Amazon Affilaite Links Making You Money? Be Sure They Are.

Why I Created LinkMoney

There were thousands of issues on my Amazon Affiliate websites. I was loosing revenue everywhere. A.I. was the answer.

What Is LinkMoney?

LinkMoney is a system that is developed to automatically detect, locate, and fix Amazon Affiliate link errors using state of the art A.I.