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How to find the XML WordPress Sitemap for Linkmoney App

In this guide, I will walk you through how to find your XML sitemap on your WordPress website.

Linkmoney App uses the WordPress sitemap in the same way that Google uses it – to quickly locate all the posts on your Amazon Affiliate site.

How do I find my XML sitemap?

The easiest and most common way is to add /sitemap.xml to the end of your website’s URL. It will look something like this:

This is an example of a WordPress sitemap URL (sitemap.xml)

You can click this link “Linkmoney App Sitemap” to see what my sitemap looks like.

If you noticed, because I use Yoast on this site, WordPress automatically changed the “/sitemap.xml” to “/sitemap_index.xml”.

This is an example of Yoast converting /sitemap.xml to /sitemap_index.xml

Either of those is all you need for Linkmoney App to begin scanning your website.

Linkmoney App recommends testing your sitemap prior to running a scan

We recommend checking your XML sitemap prior to running Linkmoney App.

We have seen instances where a sitemap is being redirected to the home page or can not be found. this is not common, but it happens.

How do I test my WordPress sitemap?

  1. Simply go to your browser and type in your home page URL. Example: 
  2. Now add either the /sitemap.xml or /sitemap_index.xml to the URL. Examples:, or
  3. Then hit enter. You should be taken to your WordPress XML sitemap.

What if my sitemap is redirecting to the homepage?

This is a problem that will need to be investigated. Most of the time it has to do with a plugin that has made edits to your .htaccess.

Another possibility is you have a redirection plugin that is redirecting the /sitemap.xml to your homepage. If this is the case, remove the redirection.

WordPress sitemaps can look different from one another

There are many sitemap.xml generators that will take over your stock WordPress site map. They can all look a little different. This is fine because Linkmoney App can work with all XML sitemaps.

Additional Sitemap Informational Reading

This post is designed to be short and to the point where to find your XML sitemap so you can locate it quickly to begin running Linkmoney App. Here are more sites that get deeper into sitemaps for your reading.

How to Find the Sitemap of a Website

How To Find Your Sitemap

How to find your sitemap






Charles Joyner

Charles Joyner

Hello, I am a fellow Niche Website Publisher. Like you, I’m always looking to earn the most revenue I can from Amazon Affiliate websites. We created Linkmoney App so we all could earn more revenue from our hard work and time publishing and operating affiliate websites. I love all things SEO and Publishing! Software nerd since 1998. Leave me a “whoot!” in the comments if you read the article, and please comment on what would make it better. Thank you!

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